Where did 2014 go, answers on an e-postcard please?

Not far off from 12 months ago, I started the Partnership to Success course full of eagerness and youthful thinking, so where am I now and is everything on schedule?

Well, yes and no to that one!

Please let me explain. I’m not quite where I should be, in fact I’m about 3/4 of where I should be on the course by now but I’m really not that concerned, not bragging just realise that getting stressed about lagging behind a bit is not going to help the situation.

There’s going to be some readers who can relate to some or part of this but I can honestly break down the past 12 months into 4 separate periods (or emotions!):

1. Starting a new course!

TheΒ Partnership to Success course is run by an Internet Marketer called John Thornhill. Search online for his name and you’ll soon discover that he’s fairly well-known in the Internet Marketing community. The course excited me, looked like it was going to be excellent value for money and would help me achieve one of major goals, to become successful online!

Someone had lit a huge firework and I was number 1 in line for the ride….

2. Expert or beginners Luck?

So I started this course full of expectation and for the first couple of months I found it incredibly easy. Lucky with Internet MarketingAs luck would have it I knew how to Blog, was fairly technically minded, had worked with WordPress and websites for some considerable time and was racing.

I was even starting to help out others on the course by offering my view with regards to some of the issues they were having, it felt great!

So, no distractions, feeling confident, world at my fingertips, what could possibly go wrong?

3. Life gets in the way…

If you’re reading this and can’t relate to this next point then please consider yourself very lucky, you pick the numbers and I’ll buy the lottery ticket!

Think of the things that can go wrong and quite often do. Family or personal health, work related, moving home, money or even something more simple like the boiler blowing up, I was lucky enough to experience a couple of the more serious ones and it sure does stop you in your tracks.

Back in August last year I even wrote about being Driven to Distraction.

Reading through this article again it is obvious to me now that I was trying to force myself back to where I was before ‘Life got in the way’, but I wasn’t quite ready!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Even when I found that I was able to give this my full attention again, I now discovered that I had to tackle subjects which I had very little experience in. No longer the whizz kidd, humble pie was the order of the day, I needed to do some learning!

4. Getting back on the horse!

It’s difficult to change time (not impossible, seen it happen with Whales and stuff on Star Trek!) buInternet Marketing Blogt what’s really important is to take a deep breath when we get a chance and move forward.

For me, one of those things I listed above is going to be happening again in the next few months (quite a big home move!) but this one is planned and I’m certain we can deal with it.

Time to plan a bit better?

What’s to learn from all this?

Recognise that life does sometimes get in the way, sorry to state the obvious but last time it sort of took me by surprise.

Even if something you really enjoy doing has to wait for whatever problem has to come and go, let it. For me, this Blog, the Partnership to Success course and the new friends that I have met there have all taken second place to something out of my control.

But you know what, like all good things, they’re all still there.

Have you got any Life got in the Way stories to share?

Would love to hear from you, just comment below…



    6 replies to "2015 Progress Review!"

    • Ann

      After seeing mention of P2S several times, I believe I will look into that, as I’m going to attempt once more the affiliate/internet marketing. With only 1 daughter left at home, maybe I’ll have better luck this time. Thanks for sharing all of this Jon. Wish you success in your ventures! πŸ™‚

      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Ann.

        Internet Marketing really can be a bit of a minefield and I for one really needed the help of the Partnership to Success course.

        Hope you give it a try, all the best.


    • paul

      Hi Jon,

      Great post and great reply Richard πŸ™‚ I have been around P2S since 2011 and find myself only in the teens of the course; I have had life get the way so many times and I too remember the first 9 or so weeks being a walk in the park and then it came to pulling the finger out and creating something and this is where I seem to fall off!

      Like Richard I have used that time to do other great things and have no regrets but I know I have too many excuses rather than reason for not putting some time into this! Therefore I am committed in 2015 and will push myself all the way.

      I also just want to say that I am on a personal challenge to comment on all the blogs on P2S which I have a list of 155 and I want to complete this by 22nd of March 15, so remember that and please feel free to visit my blog and return the comment πŸ™‚

      Best wishes

      Paul πŸ™‚

      • Jon

        Hi Paul, thanks for your comment.

        Its nice to know that we’re not alone in playing catch-up, I suppose whats important is that we don’t dwell on it too much but take action whenever we can?

        Thanks also for the nudge to start visiting other peoples blogs again! That’s at the top of my list but 155? That’s quite a list…



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon,

      Nice to hear from you again. I can relate to your ‘story’ but without any ‘life got in the way’ story of my own. I stalled on the program basically because of too many distractions and a significant increase in my offline business activity. These are just excuses of course and not valid reasons…I just need to get off my arse and get back into it. One of the great things about P2S program is that you can proceed at your own pace. Like you, I went at it like a steam train for the first few weeks and I am about 2/3rd’s of the way through. Fortunately, although it’s a year now since I joined, the program is only into it’s 36th week instead of 52. I know some members are frustrated by that, but it suits me just fine and by the time JT reaches the end of the course, I expect to be close to be catching up.

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Alarming New EU Legislation Concerning VAT Effective 1st January 2015My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Richard, good to hear from you.

        Steam train in the first few weeks of the course, that is one memory that is still very fresh in my mind!

        Here’s to catching up…



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