We all like challenges right?

Well my wife (Stephanie) has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me to help get her Etsy shop more visibility and make more sales.

Quick background…

Stephanie sells prints, some of them being very old and unique and dare I say it, gorgeous.

Fat Robin Prints Etsy

The customers she’s had so far have all fallen in love with their purchases and the feedback has been great.

There’s also over 100 products in her Etsy shop which is well presented with a nice logo and shop description.

The only thing missing is loads more visitors and buyers!!!!

So this is what I’m going to do.

  1. Find out how to increase Etsy visitors and convert those into buyers
  2. Put this information in a guide which can be used again and again to drive visitors to your Etsy shop (or maybe even your Ebay store etc.)
  3. Report back to this post at least once a week over the next 30 days
  4. Then put the guide in the Kindle Store…


Of course I am BUT…if you want a free copy of this guide then just leave a comment below, THAT’S IT!

So, wish me good luck with this Etsy Challenge, week 1 is all about the research. Let’s see what I can find and standby for some great marketing tips along the way.


    3 replies to "30 Day Etsy Challenge"

    • Julei Ashti

      OOps Sorry Jon – I miss-spelt your name! Force of habit as I know one with an ‘h’. Feel free to correct it…
      Julei Ashti recently posted this great article…Finding Subject Matter to Write AboutMy Profile

    • Julei Ashti

      This is such a good idea John! I’m interested in making an Etsy shop as a friend has one, but the thought of no-one seeing it has put me off.
      I would find a guide to sending people to my store really useful.

      I am also impressed, as always, with your bottomless talent in finding something to write about to put in the kindle store!

      I like Stepahnie’s tasteful shop too and will take another look when she is back from her break.
      Julei Ashti recently posted this great article…Finding Subject Matter to Write AboutMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Julei, thanks for checking the article out.

        We’re still working with the Etsy shop but seeing some great improvements already, update to follow 🙂

        Like your blog by the way.


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