So you’ve built your blog? The content is good, frequent and interesting! It’s all looking nice..

But, you’re struggling to get decent traffic, and you feel like it’s all going a bit stale, what do you do?

I was in this position with another site of mine. I ended up doing endless hours of research trying to find the best way to get an increase in traffic to my website.

What I found was 5 ways that are guaranteed to increase visitors to your website or blog. How much of an increase is up to you, after all there’s no quick solution to this but if you try any or all of these 5 tips and one of them really starts to work for you then go with it!

That’s really how most things to do with Internet Marketing work, you find something that’s successful and then scale it up! See how you go…

Over the next 5 days I’ll be releasing 1 Tip per Day, your feedback is of course always welcome!

5 Tips for increasing traffic to your blog


Tip 1. Internet Presence

Now, I’ve already talked about this in the post ‘Developing an Online Presence – Top 5 Tips‘ but this step is essential for developing frequent and targeted traffic.

Developing an Internet PresencePart of developing your online presence involves getting active in Forums and other websites/blogs which are associated with your niche!

For instance, this blog is all about Internet Marketing. I’m currently very active on the ‘Warrior Forum’ and have just started to post on another forum called ‘The IM Forum‘.

It’s proven that when you contribute to forums, websites and other blogs in your niche, traffic automatically follows you! The more you contribute and the more helpful your contributions are, the more people start to trust you, sounds fairly obvious doesn’t it?

So, Tip Number 1:

  • Check out my post: Developing an Online Presence – Top 5 Tips
  • Join a forum which is directly related to your niche and get posting but make sure your posts are 100% useful.
  • Find websites and/or blogs that are, again, directly related to your niche. Same rules with the forum posts, write them as best as you can and become the local expert that people want to follow!

Hope this helps, more tomorrow…


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    • […] Tip 1. Internet Presence Tip 2. Optimization Tip 3. Images So here’s Tip 4. As always, I welcome your comments. Agree, disagree? let me know.. […]

    • […] Tip 1. Internet Presence Tip 2. Optimization So here’s Tip 3. As always, I welcome your comments. Agree, disagree? let me know.. […]

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    • Torsten Müller

      Hi Jon,

      being active in related forums and other related websites is a great way to attract targeted visitors to one’s blog.

      Keep it up and waiting for your traffic tip #2.


      • Jon

        Thanks Torsten,

        It can be hard to get the momentum going with forums at first but it’s definitely worth it.



    • Gaby

      That is great advice. Like a lot of other people I have surfed the Warrior Forum but have never dared to comment anywhere. All these people seem to known so much and what could I as pretty much a newbie offer?
      I guess I just have to jump right in and start commenting – it shouldn’t be that difficult 🙂


      • Jon

        Hi Gaby,

        Don’t worry about posting on Warrior, they’re relatively kind to ‘newbies’!

        I’ve found that as long as you actually have something to say and don’t just do the “I agree” type of post then you’re made very welcome.



    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Jon,

      Great to see you’ve got a new post up and indeed forums are a great way to attract traffic to our blogs especially if you put a link to your blog in the signature area and profile. Looking forward to your next blog traffic tip.


      • Jon

        Thanks Sky,

        You’re right, the signature area in forums is great for attracting traffic. This blog is relatively new but it’s already getting a fair bit of traffic from the Warrior Forum alone!

        Must pop over there again now actually, keep regular and all that…



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