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So here’s Tip 5.
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5. Videos

For me, videos have brought the biggest increase in traffic to my websites.

This all started off about 18 months ago! I was trying to get more traffic to a fitness based affiliate site but even though I had followed Tips 1 – 4, I had seemed to hit a bit of a brick wall and could not increase my traffic further.

Then I came across some software called ‘Tube Raider’ which was essentially a slideshow video maker. All you needed to do was create a simple Power Point Slide Presentation, import it into Tube Raider, create the video and then upload to YouTube.

So I did that with around 10 buying guides/information articles which I had on the site. I then waited…

For a few weeks nothing very special happened but then traffic really started to pick up and when I looked at my YouTube account it showed that some videos were getting hundreds of views, others weren’t so good but overall this really seemed to be working.

Looking back now it’s fairly obvious why this works. Google was my number 1 source for traffic and Google happens to own YouTube! So providing you make some videos which don’t break any copyright infringements and add value for people searching for your keywords, then there’s a good chance these video will do well and you will see an increase in traffic.

Added Benefits

Not only will videos bring you an increase in traffic but they can, depending on your niche, bring an unexpected benefit as well!

I was finding that for some of the articles that I was trying to rank highly for, the videos for those articles were showing up in the search engines as well. Some of these videos would even beat the articles and find their way high up on page 1 (Google) for that particular search term.

So, my advice for Tip 5

  • Get your hands on some video creating software. I recommend Tube Raider because it’s cheap and does the job extremely well. I’m a bit of a ‘technophobe” but this software is extremely easy to use and can have you making and uploading videos in minutes.
  • Using Power Point or similar presentation software, turn your articles, posts and guides into videos.
  • When you upload your video, take some time to include a description with it on YouTube and also to include keywords with the video. YouTube calls keywords ‘Tags‘ but they amount to the same thing.
  • Make sure you include a link URL in your video description. Google seems to like this!
  • And then watch the traffic increase, after a few weeks of course….


Unsure about what to include in your Description or ‘Tag’ fields?

Take a look below to see what I included for a recent video! Click the Image to enlarge if required…

5 Tips for increasing traffic to your blog - Video Optimization














And the finished Video…


5 Tips for increasing traffic to your blog – Summary

I really hope that that these 5 Tips have been useful to you?

What I have done is just tell you what has been working for me and hopefully you can get some benefit from this.

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As always, if you have any questions about any of these Tips or want help with anything to do with Internet Marketing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.





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    • Andrew

      Good post John and good call on the tube raider. Does that give you music to choose from as well or did you add that on your own?


      • Jon

        Hi Andrew.

        The Tube Raider software really is good find. It’s so easy to use, which suits me!

        It does come with a selection of music to use as well. Good all-round package.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      I just checked it out and it looks like an awesome product for just $27, but unfortunately it does not work on Mac, so need to search elsewhere. Can anyone recommend a similar product for Mac?



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon,

      Very interesting post. I will definitely take a look at this. I have always been a bit weary of videos, but I recognise that it is a must these days. Do you think your style of ‘animated’ video is more effective than talking to a camera JT style?


      • Jon

        Hi Richard,
        I think all this depends on what you’re trying to achieve! For me, the ‘Power Point Slide’ Videos are excellent for getting noticed and receiving backlinks.

        They’re also quick and easy to do which I’ve found isn’t the case with the ‘talking to the camera’ style. To be effective with these types of videos I think you have to spend time scripting the video first, unless you’re really confident in front of the camera of course!



        • Richard G M Taylor

          Thanks for that Jon, I’m inclined to agree with you, I’m familiar with Power Point and will be less of a learning curve for me…all I need to do is find something similar that will work on my Mac:-)


        • Richard G M Taylor

          Thanks for that Jon, I’m inclined to agree with you, I’m familiar with Power Point and will be less of a learning curve for me…all I need to do is find something similar…


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