Jon Crimes – Domain Name?

Before I begin, please let me explain that I’ve setup Blogs & Websites before, but they’ve always been designed around Brand Names!

So when I was asked to setup a Domain Name around my own name, week one of John Thornhill’s ‘Partnership to Success’ program, I thought ok, this should be fairly straight forward?

I was wrong!jon crimes

Nothing to do with the Partnership Program but everything to do with my name, Jon Crimes, or in particular, the Crimes bit.

Sometimes having an unusual surname is quite nice, people sort of notice you. Other times, like when you get stopped by the Police in some ‘random stop’ Christmas campaign for instance, they can take some persuading that you actually take the Police seriously.

Maybe I should have signed up for the Police (Detective Crimes)?

Anyway, back to Domain Names..

I managed to secure as my domain name. I wasn’t that surprised but it was quite a nice feeling anyway. This new domain was going to be my hub for future internet marketing activities.

Now, a few days late, I searched for my name in Google without the space “JonCrimes” and I was already dominating P1, very pleased indeed. Then I searched for “Jon Crimes”, this time with the space separating the first and last name, a different set of search results entirely!

The search was now dominated by Crimes, real life Crimes, Major Crimes and murder mysteries galore!

My new blog: was of course nowhere to be seen!

How would you react to this?

Well, I sort of panicked! I got extremely paranoid about my surname, not for the first time to be honest, and asked for assistance on the Partnership to Success Facebook Group. FYI, this Group is exclusive to John Thornhill’s  ‘Partnership to Success (P2S)’ program.

With the Groups help and that of P2S Support, I finally managed to calm down and stopped looking for an alternative spelling of my name or even using a Pen Name instead, let me explain why?

  • I’m new to some aspects of Internet Marketing (personal blog is a good example) but I’ve been around long enough to realize that one of the things to get peoples trust is to be yourself and not hide behind a fake identity. No matter how ‘unique’, for want of a better word your name is, its yours so why not be proud of it?
  • Most people who arrive at your Blog will do so by clicking a link they have seen elsewhere (Warrior Forum etc.) or from someones recommendation.
  • It just feels honest!
  • Over time I believe I can beat the Crime stories to the top slot! Now that sounds like a challenge?

Well, that’s my little rant over.

My advice to you?

If your serious about starting an internet marketing business and you haven’t already done so, buy your domain name and I mean ‘your name’. Don’t let someone else steal your identity!

 After all, it can’t be worse than Crimes, surely?

Want to see if your name is available as a Domain Name?

I fully recommend D9 Hosting, for buying Domain Names and Full Hosting Services.

    15 replies to "Choosing a Domain Name, how hard can it be?"

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    • James Woodfield

      Hi, Jon,

      Bravo for forging ahead in the name of Crimes on the internet!
      I fully appreciate the dilemma you had, but while there are many successful writers (not to mention international celebrities) who have chosen to work under a nom de guerre, I think you made the right call going in as yourself. The header looks good, too.
      And as for the original Google search for “Jon Crimes” which engendered the anxiety, I see that, with the space and the quotation marks, you currently have the top 8 places on Google. Congratulations!

      • Jon

        Thanks James.

        You won’t believe how long I took to make a decision on this?

        I think the important thing for anyone who is reading this post and has a similar dilemma is that it honestly doesn’t take that long to start ranking for your own name.

        Even if your name is really common, if you make regular contributions to your blog then there’s a very good chance you’ll start ranking with it fairly soon.

        Hey, if I can do it!



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    • Iga

      your surname and domain will be easily remembered by many people.
      John – Crimes – policeman that is great idea.

      • Jon

        Thanks Iga.

        Took me a bit of time but I came to the same conclusion as well.

        Just got to beat all the other ‘Crimes’ to page 1 now, wish me luck…


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    • Nanda Rahmanius

      Hi Jon,

      Interesting topic!
      I agree with you. Indeed, to choose a domain name should choose a our name as a domain name. By doing so, our name can be a trademark in the business trade 🙂

      However, does the site have a domain name that is not in accordance with the site’s owner can achieve success?
      What do you think about this?


      • Jon

        Hi Nanda, thanks for your comments. That’s a good question and to be honest will depend on so many factors. I personally think its important to be yourself online and that goes with all parts of your identity, domain name being one of them. If however you’re a company/business then sure, you pick the domain which is most appropriate for you.

        • Nanda Rahmanius

          Hi Jon,

          Yes, you are correct. It is important to show our identity, since so many false identity are scattered on the internet.

          Thank you for the answer, Jon. I appreciate it 🙂
          Hoping you have a splendid weekend.


    • Jon

      Thanks Igor, quite agree, real name is the way to go (my humble opinion of course!).

      I think it’s always going to be easier to establish yourself without worrying about a false identity!



    • Steven Spiller

      Hi Jon,

      Just came from the P2S group and had to read your post here. The responses you had there are so indicative of the supportive nature in the group you have joined. You are getting some great advice which you could be charged major money for!

      I like that you are sticking with the name as there are so many possibilities you can use in the future. I can see some fantastic names for your future products.

      Have fun and be safe out there!


    • Jon

      Thanks Igor, it’s little things like this that are sometimes so hard to sort out!

      I suppose that’s why we blog about them, hopefully someone will benefit from my madness last night?



    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Jon, glad to hear you got it sorted.

      As you quite rightly point out its better to start a relationship without having to explain why you are not using your real name.

      Look forward to seeing you take control of that first page

      igor Griffiths

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