As you visit more and more blogs, you start to pick up on the little things, and those little things all start to add up and make for a more engaging and informative experience for your readers!

What is Jon talking about?

CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

I’m talking about something I first noticed about 2 weeks ago on another Internet Marketers blog, the ‘CommentLuv‘ WordPress Plugin.

Now they do say a picture paints a thousand words so here goes!

This is what you see on your blog when you have this Plugin installed and someone adds a comment to one of your posts (example used from one of Nigel Griffiths’ post comments on my blog):

CommentLuv WordPress Plugin - Jon Crimes Internet Marketing

In this example if you look at the bottom of Nigel Griffiths’ comment, you can see that the CommentLuv Plugin automatically adds a title link to the comment authors last blog post!

This has some great advantages for you, your readers and the comment authors and will increase traffic to your blog and that of fellow Internet Marketers.

It also provides a more useful visit for your readers and because these links to posts from other blog authors open in a new window, they won’t adversely affect your bounce rate with the search engines.

In fact, search engines will love it!

You are (effortlessly!) producing external links to directly related content. Google happens to love this and it all adds to the greater scheme of getting your blog and content ranked higher with the search engines whilst giving your audience exactly what they want, consistent and relevant content.

So what else does CommentLuv do for me?

You’re probably aware that to increase traffic to your blog, you need to take an active role in other peoples work!

One of the best ways to do this is to comment on other peoples posts, demonstrating that you are knowledgeable in your field and leaving your signature (blog link) across the internet.

It takes a bit of time to get established, but this is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site and more importantly, targeted and relevant traffic.

CommentLuv helps you do this!

Providing you manage to filter out the SPAM and the ‘let me help you with your SEO’ comments,  then what you’re left with is a rich, niche related selection of other peoples posts that you can visit and leave comments against.

Instant, directly related backlinking…

To me, this is all about saving time, arguably our most important commodity!

I personally don’t want to spend hours trawling the internet trying to find relevant content to comment on and link to. Why not have that content delivered straight to your blog for you? Find what ‘recently posted’ article interests you and pay that site a visit?

Paid or Free?

Of course there’s a paid version of this Plugin but there is also a pretty good Free version as well. You can find out more details about both here.

I’ve been using the Free version for about a week now and love it! I’ve had a quick look at the paid software and it appears to have some great additional functionality like:

  • Add keywords
  • Integrate Twitterlink
  • Add a ‘Top Commentators’ widget
  • Social enticements
  • Advanced backlink features

And more…

But for me at the moment, I’ll stick with the free version. by all means have a look yourself though!

Hope you find this Plugin useful?

Please feel free to leave comments below or Get in Touch if you have any questions?


Jon Crimes

    19 replies to "CommentLuv WordPress Plugin"

    • Gilda

      This post is genuinely a nice one it helps new the web people, who are wishing in favor off blogging.
      Gilda recently posted this great article…GildaMy Profile

    • Dave Thomas


      Like you I noticed the CommentLuv at the bottom of a number of blog posts and did wonder what it was all about so thanks for the explanation.

      I’ve added one plug in to my blog regarding “Where did they go from here” and notice that you have that installed as well. Does the “CommentLuv” plug in work well with this and compliment each other?

      Think I’ll be looking at adding that to mine soon

      Thanks for the post

      Dave Thomas recently posted this great article…Grumpy Old Man – On The BusesMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Dave, they don’t cause any problems with each other, as far as I can tell anyway.

        The ‘Where did they go from here’ does it job with the internal linking whereas CommentLuv let’s your readers know what your guest bloggers have on their website!

        No problems as yet.



    • Steven Spiller

      Hi John,

      Been using CommentLuv for a while now. While it does seem like a Good Idea(TM) you may find you have to monitor that the comments people leave are relevant to your site/content a little more. CommentLuv is attractive to those just looking for a quick backlink fix.

      Spend time on your comment moderation and it will be a good source of traffic. Let it be a mass of pointless comments and you will lose those actually interested in your content and who can provide value for others.

      Take care and have fun
      Steven Spiller recently posted this great article…Hectic Couple of Weeks and a New Website LaunchMy Profile

      • Nigel Griffiths

        Agreed Steven….At present with the few comments here & there it is pretty easy to spot the backlink ‘parasites’!….but one day I suppose that will be a ‘good quality’ issue!!

        • Jon

          Hi Nigel,
          you and Fred might have something there, I’ll keep a close eye on it..


      • Jon

        Good points Fred.
        I must admit though so far I haven’t had any problems and Akismet seems to be stopping most of the trash!

        I’ll update everyone if that changes though.

        Appreciate your comment.


    • Rose Schwarz

      Jon, I am envious of your great posts!

      I have seen CommentLuv on other blogs and was curious about it.
      Thanks for explaining how it works.

      I am excited to give it a try.

      Regards, Rose
      Rose Schwarz recently posted this great article…Content Curation WoesMy Profile

      • Jon

        Kind words, thanks Rose.

        It’s a great Plugin and I’ve seen some excellent results so far with it, hope it does the same for you.

        There’s so many of us writing good content now it’s amazing. I’ve found some very useful stuff on your site as well, highly recommended for my readers to pay a visit.

        Here’s to our success.



    • Kim

      Well I’m definitely going to get this added to my blog, thanks for the heads up John
      Kim recently posted this great article…I’m the worlds worst email marketer…My Profile

      • Jon

        My pleasure Kim,

        It’s nice to find something this useful with a free ‘have a try!’ version as well.



    • nigelgriffithsonline

      Hiya Jon,
      Thanks for the mention pal….I didn’t even realise that was a plugin….that has now been rectified & added to my blog..cheers!
      I have just signed up to your site & now see 10 of my previous posts to choose from.
      Nice one…
      nigelgriffithsonline recently posted this great article…5 Regrets of the Dying.My Profile

      • Jon

        Always a pleasure Nigel, your post was a great example to use, thanks.

        I’ve got a bunch of sites to sign up to now…



    • German Calvo

      Hi Jon,

      Really good post Jon, thanks! I am glad to learn this and
      I am going to install the plug in, the free version to try
      out first.

      Agree that to have the facility to continue reading targeted relevant content instantly, must save us a lot of time, rather
      than keep looking for relevant material which can take a lot
      of time and effort.

      Well done.


      • Jon

        Hi German, glad the post helped.

        These ‘little’ extras are making blogging a lot of fun and very efficient as well!

        It’s great to share posts between blogs this way.



    • Elaine Summers

      Great post Jon, going to have to investigate this one. Reading other peoples blogs is a great way of learning how they do things and the little tweeks and ideas that they have.
      Thanks for sharing with us how this is done.
      Elaine Summers recently posted this great article…How are you getting your blog seen?My Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Elaine. It’s nice to see that your comment has your recent article ‘How are you getting your blog seen?’ attached to it.

        It’s a good example really. Straight away your article has caught my interest and I want to know more! In fact, I’m off over there right now…



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Thank you John, another great post. I had noticed this too on other blogs and made a note to investigate, but you beat me too it.

      I notice, as soon as I started this comment, a window appears under the ‘submit comment’ button, a link to my last post appears and a notice “If you register on my site, you can get your 10 most recent blog posts to choose from in this box”….does that mean register on my site or yours? I need to try and figure that out..hmm, now when I just ticked the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” the notice disappears:-)
      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…P2S Training – Week 9 &10 – Niche and Product IdeasMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Richard.
        I’m pretty sure that means if you register on my site you can choose from a selection of your posts to be displayed as a link below your comment!

        I’m going to try and prove that in a moment, just need to find someone else who’s got the plugin installed…



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