Before I start, a little disclaimer! I don’t use any content creation services for this blog or any of my work which I want truly to be my own, I recommend that you take the same approach. If you consider your writing to be personal and ‘from the heart’ then you need to write it yourself, end of.

However, if you have other ‘online ventures’ and you want to outsource then I’d like to introduce you to a truly brilliant service that, once you get right, I believe is second to none…

And, if you’ve arrived at this page with the sole intention in going straight to a proven Content Creation Service then follow this link

A bit of history

When I started this blog and began creating my own digital products, I found that I needed some help with the other side of my business, Affiliate Marketing. Now my websites still have that ‘personal touch’ but because they mostly consist of Product Reviews, I found that I could outsource this work to others.

I still wanted to add the finishing touches myself though and that included a bit of editing to make sure these articles read right, but it’s amazing how much time you can save when you outsource the actual research and article ‘draft’ to someone else.

Content Creation Services

Before I introduce you to the content creation service that I use and that has proved to be very effective, a quick bit about two of the other content creation services that I’ve used in the past:

Warrior Forum

If you haven’t visited the Warrior Forum yet and you’re serious about Internet Marketing, then there’s no time like the present! Link to the Warrior Forum.

Warrior is by far the number 1 forum for Internet Marketers. It’s a great place to ask those all important questions about IM and also a brilliant forum to answers questions that have been placed by others, essential when you’re developing a reputation as being an ‘expert’ in your field.

I’ve got plenty of good things to say about Warrior but to be honest I didn’t have a great experience when outsourcing content creation to some members of the forum!

The quality of the outsourcing was generally good but I found, with at least 4 content writers, that the communication wasn’t the best. Maybe I got unlucky or the writers had become overwhelmed with business, but I was sometimes waiting for up to 4 weeks for a couple of articles to be completed when the original timescale was around 7 days!

I’m not saying that I won’t use Warrior again for this sort of service but what I’ve got working now produces good quality and I often get fast results, we’re talking hours here instead of days!

So quick Warrior summary:

Probably the best Internet Marketing Forum online but based on my experience, they would be my second choice for content creation.

Digital Point

Another place I tried was Digital Point and you can check this site out yourself by following this link.

I used Digital Point on a number of occasions for finding content creation services and quickly found that, for me at least, this forum wasn’t suitable. Digital Point does tend to attract a lot more Internet Marketers who don’t necessarily have English as their first language and the quality of the content writing just wasn’t good enough.

Again, this is purely based on my experience but I did find that the amount of time that I had to devote to editing the content and making it readable didn’t justify paying someone else to write for me.


I did find that Digital Point is fantastic in some areas…

There is a lot of very ‘Tech Savvy’ people on Digital Point and it’s a great place to get affordable help with anything that most people over a certain age (40+ ?) find a bit taxing but the ‘yoof’ seem to find annoyingly easy!

You name it, WordPress issues, Website Design, HTML, Programming, Databases, Graphics and Multimedia, it’s all pretty much covered.

So quick Digital Point summary:

I wouldn’t go here for content creation services but for programming etc. definitely worth a look!

Introducing iWriter

After getting seriously frustrated with my previous outsourcing attempts, I started to research what other content creation services were available.content creation service - iWriter

My luck must have changed because I found iWriter, found some great reviews about this service and then decided to give them a try!

This service has really worked for me and if I was to move elsewhere, they would have to be seriously good and quick.

So how does iWriter work?

Well firstly you need to register with the service and you can do that by clicking on the image above…

Once registered, you have the option of paying someone to write content for you or you can choose to write it for others and earn some money!

Once you’ve registered, it’s worth checking out the two videos which explain the whole process of Getting Content or Writing it. You’ll find it’s very straight forward but it’s worth watching these videos and getting used to the site interface before taking the plunge.

How to make iWriter really work for you?

iWriter is a great service but I only really discovered it’s true potential after making a few mistakes along the way.

If you’re not careful you could end up with a similar situation that you face on other sites and have content that needs some serious editing to make it readable!

This is what I do to prevent this happening:

  1. Watch the on-site videos which explain all the steps in submitting a new content project.
  2. Always choose at least the ‘Premium’ service.
  3. At first, you need to be prepared to explore the skills of various writers on the site. It doesn’t take long but you will find some writers who really meet the grade whilst others are a bit more questionable! You can quickly sort these writers into ‘Favourite’ and ‘Ignored’ categories.
  4. With iWriter, you have the option of requesting a rewrite on an article if you are not satisfied with it. This gives you a chance to explain the purpose of the article to your writer again and explain to them where they went wrong the first time, great opportunity to see if they follow instructions correctly.
  5. Article rejection! In the process of finding a group of ‘Favourite’ writers, you will need to reject some articles along the way, even after some re-writes! This is a very useful feature of iWriter but you need to be careful with your rejection rate which is visible to anyone who see’s your article writing request. Keeping the rejection rate below 25% (so overall acceptance above 75%) has worked very well for me and I would advise you to take a similar approach. It’s important to watch these ratios or writers will be wary of taking on your project.
  6. If you’re not getting the right quality of writer then you might need to offer more money per project to attract the best people! The trick here is experimenting and a bit of patience,  you might lose a few dollars along the way but you can end up with a list of reliable and skilled content writers who can produce acceptable content within 24 hours, very nice to have indeed.

So what about you?

iWriter has really worked for me and if you’re searching for content creation services that you have some control over then they come highly recommended.

This is my experience however!

It’d be great to hear what has worked for you?

Good or bad experiences?

Do you know of content creation services that are comparable or better than iWriter?

Feel free to comment below…


Jon Crimes


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    • Dave Thomas

      Hi Jon

      Another site to bookmark and research when time (and finance) allows!

      I have used e-lance in the past for some sites and found the work of good quality, but more expensive than the prices shown above!

      I much prefer to generate my own writing as I both enjoy it and believe I am quite good at it as well (IMHO!)

      I am thinking of offering a “Done For You” service as one of my up-sells and would be looking to bring in 3 or 4 outside posts as part of the fee I charge so would be looking at sub-contracting the work out to specialists

      Thank for the tip

      Dave Thomas recently posted this great article…How To Avoid The Most Common Marketing Mistakes Part 2My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Dave,

        Must admit that I haven’t used Elance before but I know from my experience with different services that prices do vary wildly!

        Writing is enjoyable isn’t it? I sometimes wish I had more time to write on all my sites but sometimes you’ve got to outsource, there’s simply no choice!

        The “Done For You” service sounds very interesting, would be great to see it in action when its ready.



    • Rose Schwarz

      Great post again Jon! I will bookmark this info.

      I am a total newbie – my blog is the first thing I’ve done online but I’m sure there will come a time when I need to outsource some writing for affiliate sites etc.

      Do you feel that this is a better alternative to spinning PLR when you consider the cost vs. time?

      Thanks, Rose
      Rose Schwarz recently posted this great article…What is a Pingback?My Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Rose and good question about the PLR!

        To be honest I haven’t had much to do with PLR and if I did I would be inclined to give it a very good spin indeed…

        iWriter is producing good quality 750 word product reviews for me which need very little editing, just a bit of tidying up, adding images etc.

        And having short arms and deep pockets I find the cost just about right as well!

        Personally I’m happy with that.

        It’d be great to hear about other peoples experience with PLR article spinning though?


        Jon recently posted this great article…Content Creation ServicesMy Profile

    • Nigel Griffiths

      Spooooooooooooooky !!!
      Hiya Jon,
      Firstly, great stuff as usual….
      Secondly…guess what I signed up to yesterday!? & then saw you blog post last night!!! That’s weird isn’t it!
      I did watch the video’s & they are good & helpful…..& yes, what you said about premium was so right.
      I have had 1 article back (150 words) for $1.25 & was pretty crap tbh….but useable with tweaks (I didn’t want to reject as it was my very 1st article!!..& it was only about 70p!)….the other on the premium I put in $3 for 150 words & it was spot on! & just copied & pasted it into one of my other sites.
      “In life you get what you pay for” struck a chord…
      The other thing worth noting, is that when you download the article you also get another copy which has all the ‘spin variation’ in it!! So you could actually turn that one article into a few… you know of any software/fiverr gig etc that could do that?…I know I wouldn’t be asked to sit/read/delete!
      Anyway pal…nice one.
      Nigel Griffiths recently posted this great article…Quotes – 7 Days in a Nutshell – # 4My Profile

      • Jon

        Cheers Nigel,

        Spooky indeed.

        As I was telling Rose, I’ve mostly gone for product review articles so far, around the 750 word mark, comes out at about $8 using the premium service!

        Took me a few rejections and adding a couple of writers to the ‘ignore’ list but it’s great when you build a Favorite Writers list, want an article writing quick and then just send it out to your ‘favs’.

        Why on earth did I wait weeks for this to happen in the past when you can realistically get it within 24 hours on iWriter?

        Spin variations and Gigs! Not sure about that one mate.

        Whenever I go over to fiverr I get taken in with someone advertising a business whilst downing a pint or introducing their pet monkey!

        Could be one for the forum…

        Jon recently posted this great article…Content Creation ServicesMy Profile

    • Elaine Summers

      Hi Jon
      Only just started my internet career so have not considered outsourcing to a content creation service. I beleive that for this blog it should be your own work as everything here is hinged for the future.
      However should i decided to delve elsewhere I would definately give some thought to using the information and sites shown here.
      Good luck
      Elaine Summers recently posted this great article…Starting to think of Social Media platformsMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Elaine,

        Totally agree, your own work is gold where it matters (personal blogs/own products etc.) but for other ventures (product review sites etc.) it’s ideal.

        Appreciate your comment.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon,

      Another great post. I registered and watched the video…it looks like a great resource, so I will give it a go for one or two of my other sites when I’m in need of some new content. I’m with you concerning the P2S blog. I think the articles on here should be recognisable as your own in order to establish the online presence and credibility required to be successful in this program.

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Amazing WP EditorMy Profile

      • Jon

        Absolutely Richard, I totally agree that with blogs like ours they really need to be created with your own content, 100%.

        This really is a great resource for other online activities though.

        Once you secure a good list of writers, which doesn’t take long to be honest, you can be outsourcing multiple product reviews or similar and be well on your way to earning decent affiliate income, very quickly…

        I’ve been using iWriter for a while now so if you want any help when you come to use it, please let me know.



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