The following Top 5 Tips for Developing an Online Presence have been compiled through advice given to me by fellow partners on the Partnership to Success program and from my own experience with Affiliate Marketing over the past 2 years.

These are the exact tips that I have used to develop and I started to see excellent results in terms of visitors and general interest in the blog within 2 weeks.

Developing an Online Presence


1. Get your Domain Name

This is probably the most important part of developing an online presence. Your domain name will probably be with you throughout your Internet Marketing Journey.

It’s really what defines you online and it’s worth spending time having a good think about how you want other people to see you?

The best way I can describe all this is to tell you what I had to go through to find the ‘right name’ for me! You’ll understand what I mean when you read this article:


2. Setup your Blog

I’m assuming here that you are using a WordPress Blog?

What I mean by setting up your blog is making sure you have the following installed/activated:

  • Your Blog is setup to accept comments from visitors to your posts and articles.
  • You have an SEO Plugin installed
  • And you get rid of any unnecessary clutter from your page – do your really want that Calendar or Meta data displaying?

As far as SEO Plugins go, its important to optimize your posts and articles as you write them and before you publish them, this will help you in developing an online presence in the eyes of the search engines. For this article, and indeed for all my content, I’m using ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast”.

As a really ‘fresh’ example! Here’s what I entered into ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast” for this article:

seo example

 Note: Click on the image if you need to enlarge it..

3. Get ‘Your’ Gravitar

What better way to help you in developing an online presence than to have your own image that follows you everywhere?

A Gravitar (or Globally Recognized Avatar) is your image that appears next to your Blog replies and on other peoples sites and in forum posts.

If you haven’t got a Gravatar already, simply go to the Gravatar website, register for an account and follow the instructions to upload your image. Make sure you link the email address that you have in your WordPress contact details as your Gravatar email.

I had some great ‘fun’ trying to work out why my Gravatar image was not displaying against my blog comments! You can read all about it by checking out the following article:


4. Regular Content

This is so important.

You not only want to develop an online presence, you also need to keep servicing your blog with regular and unique content which provides great value to your readers.

What better way to do this than to write about something you’re knowledgeable about or describe a recent problem that you managed to solve?

It also feels great when you actually manage to help others and prevent them from making the same, sometimes costly, mistakes that you did.

5. Hit the Forums

It stands to reason that if you become a helpful and well known ‘expert’ in your particular field then people are going to start following you, looking for you and taking notice of what you write about. This will be a great help when you’re initially developing an online presence.

This is especially true for the various Internet Marketing forums.

My recommendation, as a great starter, is to create an account (Free by the way!) with the Warrior forum.

The Warrior forum is a great place to gain knowledge, to introduce yourself and before you know it, you’ll be offering advice to others and they’ll start to check out your blog and websites.

You can also add a link to your online activities in your signature block which appears below any post you make (see screenshot below):

Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing

Note: Click on the image if you need to enlarge it..


I hope this has been helpful.

Please remember that creating and maintaining an online presence is a long term task. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you follow these 5 tips and make regular online contributions that add value, you should start to see results very quickly.

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    • Arny McCleary

      This is a really great blog post, Jon – really informative.

      I liked the part about the Gravitar. Just before I came onto your site, I spent about an hour trying to get my photo to show up! I had just left a post on another blog and couldn’t figure out why other peoples’ photos were showing up beside their posts and mine wasn’t. I was being directed to setting up blogs on, I was then deleting these and, basically going around in circles for about an hour! I finally managed to figure it out.

      The part about the Warrior Forum is very good advice indeed. I have an account there, but I have’t really been posting much. This has reminded me about the importance of getting both my name, and the link back to my blog, out there. So expect to see more posts from me on the WF over the next few days.

      So, thanks gain, Jon for an excellent post.


      • Jon

        Thanks Arny.
        After the fun and games I had trying to get my image to display, there was no way I wasn’t going to share this!

        Warriors a great place for Internet Marketers of all levels and it doesn’t take long before people are asking you for advice.

        Appreciate your comment.


    • Darren Hudson

      Hi Jon ,

      Great post and very informative , I like the way you’ve summed things up to and I never knew about the ” WordPress SEO by Yoast ” so something I’m going to look at now and thanks for highlighting it. Must say to your starting to blog like a pro now it’s coming on great mate .



    • Torsten Müller

      A great post, Jon.

      I fell a bit behind and am currently working on writing regular content.

      I never really got much involved into forums and if so then more for research than for contributing. But after reading your explanation I think I shall get started soon too.

      Keep up the great work,

      • Jon

        Thanks Torsten, I was exactly the same with Forums, plenty of research but not much else!

        It’s starting to flow really well with Warrior now and to be honest it’s actually helping with my writing skills as well.

        Appreciate your comment.


    • Steven Cousley

      Thanks for the great post Jon. I’ve been working on the first 4 but still need to get more involved on forums. That’s about to change.

      • Jon

        Thanks Steven.
        I’ve been doing a lot of ‘watching’ on the Forums for a few years now without getting really involved with the discussions! To be honest, it feels great to finally be contributing.
        Jon Crimes

    • Ashley

      Hey Jon
      great summary of how to get started.
      I must admit the last part of using forums is not something I have done. I used more social media and sharing websites to get a boost.
      But the basics are still the same and it works for sure!
      Keep up the great work

      • Jon

        Thanks Ashley.
        It’s amazing how many visitors you start getting from the forums, especially from Warrior and a lot of these guys are just like us, wanting to know more!
        Jon Crimes

    • Jon

      Thanks Keith, should be a busy year for us all.



    • Manoranjan

      Hi Jon,

      This post indeed a great one. I am going to use your Gravatar tip immediately.



      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Manoranjan.

        Let us know how you get on and please get in touch if you need any more help.


        Jon Crimes

    • Keith Dean

      Hi Jon,

      Just read through your post and some great content there. I particularly liked the explanation of how to implement a Gravatar.

      Look forward to talking with you as we progress with PTS and wish you the best of luck!


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