Had to share this, if only to stop others going through their own personal Digital Product Copyright Dilemma!

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to my first product, a digital information product which helps people with ePublishing and making money with their eBooks.

In particular, this product is based around the Kindle Direct Publishing service and how to rank your books well (and again, make money of course!) with Amazon Kindle.

For the past 2 months I’ve been finishing my eBook (all 60+ page of it), recording 15 audio MP3 tracks and doing a similar amount of training videos, all in the ‘safe’ knowledge that I chose my product/domain name wisely and that everything was well on track!

Now, before I continue, I need to give a nod here to John Thornhills Partnership to Success program and its excellent Facebook Group because without this I am certain I would’ve been getting a nice letter from a certain companies lawyers!

Have I given the game away yet?

Before I chose my domain and product name, which are the same by the way, I researched related digital information products on the likes of JVZoo and Clickbank and was happy that others were using the same word that I was including in my product name, surely there wouldn’t be a problem?

So what was my product name?

‘Easy Kindle Success’ and the website address would be www.EasyKindleSuccess.com

The Digital Product Copyright Dilemma!

So all good then? Well it was until last weekend when the following Digital Product Copyright Dilemma happened:

  • Sunday evening I get a Facebook PM (Private Message!) from another member of the Partnership to Success FB Group, so far so good, always good to chat to someone from this group!
  • But he then goes on to tell me that he saw me talking about my new product on the group and wanted to warn  me about my domain/product name! Heart starts to sink at this point….
  • He then went on to say that he’d had a related product that also used ‘Kindle’ in the title and that some nice Laywers representing Amazon Kindle had sent him some correspondance advising him to stop using their product name or face a nice day out in a comfy court room and an all-expenses paid extended stay in an all-male holiday camp.

Note: tiny bit of drama added to the last point but you get the picture!

So what did I do?

Well of course I thanked him for the heads-up but then, at least for the next few hours, I buried my head in the sand!kindle copyright issues Why? Well, when you put so much work into something and are then faced with countless hours of re-recording, editing and aligning your product to a completley different name, it’s sort of hard to face the truth.

Then I woke up and knew I had to do a bit more research, so I:

  • Went through the Affiliate sites again and found that the 8 products on there which had ‘Kindle’ in the title, some of which were doing very well in terms of sales, now had lovely ‘Error 404 – Page not found’ sales pages.
  • Paused my product promotion and decided to search for another product/domain name and look forward to some fun editing, video and audio work.

Something else I noticed by the way!

During my new product name research, I’ve discovered a lot of available domain names, some very short and catchy, with ‘Easy’ in the title.

There’s also plenty of discussion online of internet marketers being hassled by a company that uses this word.

I might be getting a bit paranoid here but surely you can’t copyright such a generic word? Oh well, I’m staying away from that one as well.

So, my advice for anyone looking for a good product/domain name that isn’t going to bite them later on is to:

  • Only use very ‘generic’ words and phrases in your product name
  • Doing a google search with ‘copyright issues’ after any words you’re not sure about can save you a lot of pain later!
  • If you do get stung, don’t do what I did and just bury your head and hope it’ll all become better
  • Listen and take notice of what more experienced marketers tell you!

And my new product name?

EBook Profit Academy

More to folllow on this when I’ve stopped editing!

Over to you…

Love to hear about your thoughts on this or if you’ve had any lovely letters from the ‘suits’.




    7 replies to "Digital Product Copyright Dilemma"

    • Happy

      That’s a smart answer to a tricky quotsien

    • Bob Moore

      Hey Jon,

      Sometimes the best lessons to learn are the toughest.

      I’ve never experienced what you’ve experienced (directly — I know from the experience of others), but I learned a long time ago not to use company names in a domain name.

      From now on, if I want to create a WordPress product (which I have), I simply use WP in the name. I’m also working on a Facebook-related project that will have FB in the title.

      The way I figure it, I can always claim that FB means “fish bait.” Who can prove otherwise?

      I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I just wanted to share my experience.

      Keep in touch,
      Bob Moore recently posted this great article…Ads, Ads, AdsMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Bob, it’s great to share this experience with others because it forced me to spend another 2 weeks migrating the site over to the new domain name.

        I really wouldn’t want anyone else to have to do this!

        Good luck with your WordPress product, really looking forward to checking it out and it sounds like you should be ok with WP & FB in your product titles, I just got a little unlucky with the Kindle name!

        All the best.

    • James Hughes

      Nice post Jon,
      First time over here.

      Very cool

      James Hughes
      James Hughes recently posted this great article…Simplified Branding Guide for Small EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • Kim

      I didn’t have a clue that Amazon had started protecting the name Kindle though I suppose you can’t blame them.

      As to the Easy dilemma, I say stuff that. I’m sure as hell not changing my domains that have the word easy in them.

      Kindle I can agree with

      The other one, well they can get lost


    • Richard

      Great post Jon, which gets me thinking about my product Easy Infographics. I’m not sure what you are saying about the word Easy..are you saying that the word Easy could be in breach of some copyright? Secondly, are you sure you need to edit the name Kindle out of all your work, surely so long as you remove it from your book title and URL then you should be ok?


      Richard recently posted this great article…Alarming New EU Legislation Concerning VAT Effective 1st January 2015My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Richard, sorry for the scaremongering, I was just thinking aloud about the word ‘Easy’ and in hindsight of course they can’t claim it as copyright, can they?

        ‘Easy Kindle Success’ has gone now and I’ve gone with the ‘Ebook Profit Academy’ which sums up the product quite nicely. You’re right of course, the word Kindle can stay in my content, its just that my audio and video had the previous product name all over it, hence the panic over the weekend!

        Cheers mate.

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