On June 13th 2016 I launch my first information product called the Ebook Profit Academy.

Since I started to promote the launch of this product on Facebook groups (and elsewhere!) I’ve had a ton of messages asking me for more details about the ‘Academy’, time for a blog post me thinks!

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What is the Ebook Profit Academy?

The Ebook Profit Academy is a complete membership course which will show you how to create, publish, promote and make serious money from your ebooks.

It has been developed around my experience as an ebook publisher and everything that I’ve learnt and optimized to make my ebooks a success on the Amazon Kindle platform.

I take you ‘by the hand’ through every stage of the book publishing process and give you the option to do everything yourself, with some great free resources thrown in, or outsource whatever you want.

You could outsource everything if that’s what you want to do (and can afford to do of course!) and for some this is a great option and can really help their business take off.

Here’s some of the training which is included in the Ebook Profit Academy:

  • Kindle and the importance of BSR
  • Outsourcing
  • Researching your Kindle Best Seller
  • Pen Names
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating Chapter Ideas
  • Writing and eBook
  • Writing your Book’s Description
  • Email Marketing your Book
  • Formatting your Book for Kindle
  • Creating a Book Cover
  • Publishing your Book

And more…

Ebook Profit Academy Membership Levels

There are 3 levels of membership with the Ebook Profit Academy as well as an Exclusive VIP club!

Academy Bronze Membership

The first membership level is Academy Bronze Membership and this entry level option gives you access to the ebook profit academymember’s area, the main eBook which will guide you through the full training and the resources section.

Bronze membership level is ideal for anyone who prefers to follow a course just by using reading material and has a good level of confidence in some of the elements in the course.

Academy Silver Membership

The second membership level is called Academy Silver Membership. When I was first developing the idea for a course which could show people the exact methods that had proved so successful for me, I did some market research into what training methods the majority of people prefer.

ebook profit academy membershipVideo training seemed to be coming out on top all the time (with audio training and written guides following behind). So I created 16 videos which really do show you how to do everything that I have done to make great money from publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

And when I say everything, I mean everything! For example, in one of the videos I show you how to outsource the actual writing of your ebook. I give you a couple of options of which sites to go to and outsource this task and then I show you the exact information that I put into these outsourcing sites to get the best possible ‘Ghost Writer’ for my book.  All you need to do is copy what I’m doing and change a few details!

In the past few months (beginning of 2016!) I’ve been doing a lot of testing with the Ebook Profit Academy and this included giving review access to a group of people who all had very different levels of computer and ‘tech’ ability! Overwhelmingly, they gave the biggest thumbs-up to the video training and to be honest that wasn’t a huge shock. There’s so much more you can show someone in a dedicated series of training videos than you can do with a written guide.

Of course, if you become a Silver Academy Member then you also have the option of using the written material (the ebook) because the Silver Member automatically gets full Bronze membership access as well.

Academy Gold Membership

The third membership level is Academy Gold Membership. Something that I (and many others) have found useful in the past is training delivered by high-quality MP3 Audio tracks. So that’s what I did with the Ebook Profit Academy, I recorded the complete course onto 16 high-quality MP3 audio tracks which work great on music players, Mobile Phones, iPods, MP3 players, you name it!

When you stop to think about how versatile this type of training is it’s not difficult to imagine how popular trainingebook profit academy complete training by MP3 audio is becoming.

In the car on the way to work, dropping the kids off at school, down the gym for that morning workout, on holiday lying by the pool! You can literally listen to the full course anywhere with this audio training package.

The Gold membership level also includes full access to everything Bronze & Silver level Academy members have. So not only do you get the full MP3 Audio training course but you get the complete video training package, the main ebook, access to the site resources and full support.

Last but never least you can become an Ebook Profit Academy VIP Member!

Academy VIP Membership

This is a separate add-on package to the other membership levels and gives you a monthly set of exclusive resources which are designed to take your business to the next level and make you a ton of cash, quick!

VIP membership includes:

Top 5 Kindle Niches

Each month you’ll get 5 Top Kindle Niches that are just ‘begging’ to have good quality ebooks and make you serious money! This is changed each and every month to reflect the research that we do to give you the best possible niches for you to make money from.

Monthly PLR eBook package

These are great for inspiring ideas for your next ebook or for ‘repurposing’ so they become unique to you with your name on the cover! You get new PLR eBooks each month that you can download to your computer and start to create your own library of eBooks.

Latest Royalty Free Images

Each month you’ll have access to a different selection of Royalty Free Images that you can use for your ebook covers or even inside your book!

My Latest Books

I’m busy on Amazon Kindle and every time I release a new book, either in my name or with a Pen Name, you’ll have immediate access to it, for free, as a VIP member.

VIP Exclusive Resources

Exclusive resources that I’ve found to be the best in creating ebooks quickly and (in the main!) for free.

At the beginning of every month, the contents of the VIP members area is refreshed with new and exciting information and resource packages.

What makes me qualified to launch a digital information product?

Good question. Well firstly everything I teach in the Ebook Profit Academy has been proven to work and bring great results time and time again.

jon crimes ebook profit academyI don’t hold anything back in this product and I’m confident that many others can reproduce my results if they follow the course in the way it was designed and take that all important action.

This is also the product that I have been creating whilst following a Professional Internet Marketing Mentor Program. You might have heard of someone called John Thornhill? Well if you haven’t just Google his name, but John runs an excellent Mentor program called Partnership to Success which over the course of 12 months shows students how to create their first product and carry out a successful launch.

These two things make me qualified to create the Ebook Profit Academy, to launch it successfully and then to provide an excellent level of support to my new customers.

Want to know more about Partnership to Success? Here’s a blog post where I explained it in more detail.


I really hope this has given you an idea about what the Ebook Profit Academy is and what it can do for you and if you’re looking for a complete training package that can help you make great money and create a sustainable business from selling your ebooks on Amazon Kindle then you’ve come to the right place.

Feedback for the product so far has been phenomenal and I just know when you become an Academy member and visit your new members area dashboard, you’re going to be blown away with the quality and quantity of training which is now yours to follow at your own pace.

If you want to find out more about this course then check out the main sales page here.

Any questions or queries, please leave a comment below.



JV’s – Promote the Ebook Profit Academy and make Serious Cash!
More Info HERE…

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    • Mandy Allen

      Hi Jon, a great write up about your latest product. I do wish you success with it. It sounds like you have it all sewn up and I especially love the 5 top niches part in the VIP membership section. That is so valuable to writers to know what is hot at any time without having to so the research ourselves!

      Enjoy the journey!
      Mandy Allen recently posted this great article…Excellent Service AssuredMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hey thanks Mandy, really appreciate the comment.

        I tell you, it was a great feeling when I finally got to release the Ebook Profit Academy and it’s wonderful to see so many of you guys enjoying (and using) it.

        Speak soon

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