Interesting report from Marketing Land.

Facebook is starting to take a bite out of Google’s lead as the Number 1 Traffic Source!

Read the full report here.

    2 replies to "Is Facebook catching up with Google?"

    • Steven Spiller

      Thanks for the link, Jon.

      Makes for interesting times ahead I believe. It always found it a bit dificult to believe that people would use Facebook to search. But after seeing 2 or 3 at work doing it, I’m certainly going to explore the possibilities.

      I realise that most of the traffic is not from Facebook searches but adverts and shares, but even so…

      • Jon

        Thanks Steven.
        I keep wondering if it’s so hard to envisage someone taking Google’s place on the internet? Might not be today or tomorrow but who knows?

        Hope the big ‘G’ doesn’t see this…


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