Looking for a FREE Online Teleprompter?

At the moment I’m recording videos for an upcoming product release and I was looking for a decent free online Teleprompter!

One thing which I was finding a little difficult was using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and a bunch of other software as a suitable ‘Teleprompter’ for my introductory on-camera video.

But…I’ve found a great solution and thought it only fair to share this!

So here it is:

Free Teleprompter

Here’s the link: Free Teleprompter

So how does it work?

Well, you write your video script in the ‘big white box’ (or paste from a document), and then make selections based on how wide and high you want the the Prompter to be.

There’s also an option where you can set font size, text and background and then you click on ‘Start Prompter’!

What happens then?

  • You can opt to have the Teleprompter as full screen by pressing your F11 key
  • Press the Spacebar key to start and stop the Teleprompter
  • Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to make the text scroll faster or slower!

And that’s it!

Simple, effective and FREE…

Great value in my eyes.Free Online Teleprompter

Again, I really had to share this, must get back to recording some videos now!

Love to hear what you think of this service?

Or if you’ve found something similar of better, please share.



    4 replies to "Free Online Teleprompter"

    • Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson

      A great share Jon!

      Thanks for the instructions too. 🙂

      All the best with the product,

      Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson recently posted this great article…Mindmaps For Marketers Using Free Mindmapping ToolsMy Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Paul, hope you find this useful.


    • Richard

      Hi Jon,

      When you said ” And…her’s me talking about it” I thought your blog post was going to show a video you had created as a form of review:-) I guess you need to practice a little more before your brave enough to do anything like that:-) Another great post and well worth knowing about this for when I will need to prepare video for my product. Great to see you are steaming ahead now with your project after taking some time out. Sadly, I’m still in the time out phase, but you are an inspiration and after shaking off a few cobwebs, I’ll not be far behind…

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      • Jon

        Hi Richard, good point and a bad choice of words from my point of view.

        I promise the videos are coming soon!

        Hope you get back on track soon, let me know if you need any help.


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