In a previous post I talked about how to get your site Mobile Friendly! Since then, with some guidance from my wife, I’ve found that some of my sites are not quite as mobile friendly as I first thought, let me expand…

See, my wife got an email from one of the Internet Marketing lists that she subscribes to explaining that there is a new Google update coming which might just be the end of the world for some people! Oh how we love a bit of doom and gloom…

What this update essentially means is that anyone with a website which is not responsive (isn’t Mobile friendly), could well see their site take a HUGE drop in the Search Engine rankings after April 2015…

Now, when my ‘better half’ told me about this, I acted like the truley confident Internet Marketer and explained to her that everything was already taken care of, after all, I had already written a post about how to make your site more mobile friendly so how could I not sort my own stuff out?

Then I found the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Page!


Google Mobile Friendly Test

And I discovered that some of my Affiliate Sites were not ‘Mobile Friendly’, not so confident now!!!


So how do I use this Google Mobile Friendly Test Page?

Well, its always nice when a ‘simple’ tool is released, makes it easy for me at least!

With this test page you simply enter the homepage of your website where it says ‘Enter a web page URL’ and then hit the ‘ANALYZE’ blue button.

Give it a minute or two whilst it checks out your site and you will either get a pass or fail page pop-pop.

For this blog, which was one of my OK ones, this is what was returned:

Google Mobile Friendly Test Pass


So apart from getting the ‘Awesome!’ message, you also get an idea of how your site will look on a mobile phone screen, pretty neat?

So what if I don’t pass and instead get the Google ‘Not Mobile-Friendly’ message?

I’m not going to talk about WordPress too much here or Website Themes but a quick fix is to just choose a ‘Responsive’ theme for your site.

For example, WordPress has a Free Theme called ‘Responsive’ and that’s the one I used with some of my minor sites as a ‘fire-fighting’ measure so they don’t lose ranking after the Google update.

Anyway that’s enough from me!

Anybody had any problems getting their website to pass the Google ‘Mobile-Friendly’ test?

Any recommedations for suitable Responsive WordPress or other Content Management Themes?

Comments welcome.




    5 replies to "Google Mobile Friendly Test"

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    • Britanica

      I am going to have to test this one out tonight. I have a lot of updating to do on my blog. Thanks for pointing out how this works and what to do to set it up. I remember someone telling me that how your blog looks on mobile is very important so I need to make sure it works well and looks good!
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi, thanks for your comment. I’ll be honest, it’s something I never really thought about until I started seeing that ‘being mobile friendly’ was becoming more talked about on the Internet Marketing forums!

        Glad you found the post useful, give me a shout if you need any help.



    • Ann

      Great info here. I remember hearing some friends freaking out over this when it was announced….apparently they don’t follow you Jon. :/Hopefully everyone’s got their act together by now. And I’ll definitely be recommending your page to these friends of mine who aren’t so computer-savvy. 🙂

      • Jon

        Hi Ann, I was just pleased that I saw this announcement and was able to tell others about it.

        This could have a huge effect on many online businesses and the sooner people take action the better.

        Summary: must be mobile friendly!



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