This had me stumped for about 4 hours last night! Hopefully this can help someone avoid the same problem?

Quick bit about Gravatar images!

Basically, you can use a Gravatar (or Globally Recognized Avatar) to represent you online.

You upload your image to the Gravatar website and ‘attach’ your email address to this image.

Now, when you interact with other websites, do some guest blogging or take part in forum discussions, your image appears next to your post!

The big advantage here is that you’re building trust (obviously depending on what image you use?) with others online. They can see you, they remember you and they can put a face to the name. Can’t be a bad thing, right?

My Gravatar Image wasn’t displaying in my WordPress Posts!

I’m going to assume that like me, you would go to the Gravatar website and follow their instructions to upload an image and attach it to your email address!

Then, like me, you will assume that you have used WordPress for so long now, you don’t need to take a breath and think about the next few steps to make sure your new image displays properly.

You guessed it! That is of course where I went wrong…

So, for my benefit as well, these are the checks you need to make in WordPress to ensure your Gravatar Image displays properly in your blog posts:

Firstly, Log into your WordPress Dashboard and then:

Step 1

Select ‘Settings‘ then ‘General‘.

Then make sure that the email address that you used in Gravatar is the same that you’ve got in the ‘E-mail Address‘ box, if not change it and click ‘Save Changes‘.

Β Step 2

Hover your curser over your name (usually has ‘Howdy’ in front of it!) at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Click on ‘Edit my Profile‘.

Scroll down until you get to ‘Contact Info‘ and ‘E-mail (required)‘ box.

Make sure the email address in here is the same as your Gravatar image email.

If it isn’t, change it and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Update Profile‘.

Step 3

Now make sure that your image is displaying properly!

Go to one of your blog posts and have a look at a post you have replied to, your image should be displaying properly!

If you haven’t replied to any posts, then just reply to one now. You could just do a quick summary of the article and say ‘enjoy’!

Is your image displaying?

If you’re like me you’ve skipped the text and gone straight for the video!!

    21 replies to "Gravatar Image Not Displaying in WordPress Posts"

    • Wayne Singleton

      Thank you. I was having exactly that problem and followed your advice.
      The problem was that on registering with Gravatar I used a different email address.
      Thank you!
      I’ll be looking out for more timely advice from you.
      Wayne Singleton

      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Wayne, glad the article helped.



    • Wayne Singleton

      You are a star!
      I followed your sound advice and the results are attached to this blog for all to see.
      The error was the email address registered with Gravatar.
      I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog for more timely “pearls”
      Wayne Singleton

    • Iga

      Thanks Jon for that post !

      I contemplated almost every day why my image didn’t show up in comments πŸ™‚ and now I have fixed that problem. create more guide videos and post and you can be sure i will visit often your blog πŸ˜‰


      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Iga and really glad it helped. Had me scratching the head for ages to be honest!


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    • Nigel Griffiths

      Hi Jon,
      Weird….in both the places that you changed your email address to fit the Gravatar I have a different address than that of my image!…but assuming you can see what I can, when I post my Gravatar appears!.
      BUT….I haven’t replied to any posts yet (as I am ‘barren’ on that front so far!!) & I think I may get the same issue as you had.
      Could you post a comment on my blog if possible & we’ll see what happens when I reply. Thanks.
      Cheers !!

    • Super-RAJ

      Jon, thanks for this post.

      I was wondering why i had no image. Very informative post.

      Cheers. And look << it works πŸ™‚

      • Jon

        Thanks Raj, appreciate your comment and really glad it helped.



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    • Gill Potter

      Hi Jon,

      Really appreciated your post ‘cos it’s always the little things that seem to cause the biggest problems.

      I know that from when I changed my theme to OP2. It was the comments box that had me stumped for ages until I read a post on the Facebook group where a suggestion was made to check the blog settings in OP2, under the modules section, to see if the comments system was turned on. So after reading that I went and checked and, guess what, it wasn’t!

      So it can be as easy as a flick of a switch or, as you’ve told us, the right email address in the right place so kudos to you for telling us about it. I’m sure this information is going to help a lot of people.

      Cool video by the way, this is something I’ve still got to learn how to do.

      Thanks again

      • Jon

        Thanks for your comments Gill. In my humble experience it’s always been the slightest things which cause the biggest headaches! It’s great if we can stop others going through the same pain.
        Jon Crimes

    • igor Griffiths

      Well hello Jon, nice video. Gravatar is a great way to keep your online image consistent, when achieving milestones in your life or marketing, you can change your Gravatar image and your image on every site you have it enabled will change instantly.

      As long as you have your face in each image you use, you can have some fun with this whilst keeping the benefits of the social proof that Gravatar provides.

    • Steven Spiller

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the info. I was beating my head against the wall too!

      Yes, your voice never sounds the same on the outside as it does on the inside. Making videos is fun, but for us newbies it can take an inordinate amount of time to do. I finally found it easier to record the video while talking and then redo the talking as a separate track. You can remove all the umms and ers that way πŸ™‚

      Have fun

    • Gordon

      Hi Jon

      Good info, I really like the way you have added an explanatory video.

      • Jon

        Thanks Gordon, the videos need a bit of work but I’m told that is just practice! Listening to your own voice has got to be one of the strangest things?

    • Liliana Marsden

      Hi Jon

      Very useful post and take it from someone who only recently decided to use the gravatar feature.

      I could not understand why it wasn’t displaying in my response to comments until I’ve realised I had mistype my email address in my blog.

      I wish I had found a similar post like this.

      Great blog.

      • Jon

        Thanks Liliana, really appreciate your comments. I was being serious in the post when I said it took ‘hours’ to sort out! Isn’t it amazing how the smallest thing can turn in to a brick wall very quickly?

    • David Bay

      Hi Jon

      YOu must be reading my mind and have now moved an issue up from my to do list to my doing next list. Gravatar here I come. Perfect for my PTS blog

      Thanks and regards

      • Jon

        Thanks David, appreciate your comments. Hopefully this quick guide will help, that was quite a frustrating evening trying to get my Gravatar to display!

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