Ask yourself these questions?

  1. Do you need someone to design a header/banner or any other website/blog graphics?
  2. Are you thinking about trying to do it yourself but realize that after much blood,sweat and tears, you’ll be seriously disappointed with the result?
  3. Maybe you’ve heard that there is some guy who can do it on Fiverr, but nobody can actually remember their name!
  4. Are you trying to do this as economically as possible?

I answered YES to all these questions yesterday, I was starting a new blog and needed a good header graphic!

Now, I’m slowly starting to realize my strengths and weaknesses and that is something we could all benefit from. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am absolutely hopeless at FTP and other such website magic!

Likewise, it would take me days, or maybe even weeks, to design a decent header for my new Blog.

So, I needed a good design service and fast! That’s my other failing by the way, patience?

What about Fiverr or a similar service?

There’s no way on this earth I’m going to bad mouth Fiverr. In the past they’ve saved me a lot of time and generally the service and response times have been pretty good. But there is definitely a time and place for the services that Fiverr has to offer and I think the trick here is knowing when to accept that for certain services, you need to go to someone else!

I have actually used a Fiverr gig before for producing a header graphic and at the time,I was fairly pleased with it. Looking back however and comparing with what I received this morning from my recently ‘bookmarked’ graphics company, there really is no comparison.

A little bit of background..

When I first started this Blog, back in…? I was unsure about using my name for the Domain, you can read all about Jon Crimes - Internet Marketingthat little adventure here.

Anyway, I was considering ditching my name and opting for a brand or pen name but friends and Internet Marketing Partners managed to convince me not to. But in the back of my mind I was still not sure?

Then I was faced with sourcing a new header graphic for this blog and following the ‘Partnership to Success’ program by John Thornhill, I was advised to try out a company called GFX-1.

GFX-1 Graphics

When you first get in contact with GFX-1 and ask for a header graphics design they give you a small form to fill in which basically asks for the size of header you want and gives you the opportunity to pass your thoughts of what design you have in mind.

Header Size?

Check out my site header above! If that’s the sort of size your after mines: 975 x 180

The Design?

I explained to Steve at GFX-1 about the issue I had with my Surname and suggested that the design might incorporate an element of crime/police etc.

As far as I’m concerned, he got it spot on! It looked like a cross between an Internet Marketers office and a CSI crime scene. My fate had been sealed. Out of interest, I gave Steve my instructions late evening (on a friday!) and he had the first design done by the following morning.

There was however a small problem? I wanted to add some gradient graphic to the left and right of the header so it would be one continuous graphic on larger computer monitors. Unfortunately the design wasn’t letting me do this because there was no solid color on the headers edges. I emailed Steve for advice and then the Wife wanted to go shopping!

When we got back, Steve had changed the image slightly to accommodate this request and also included an image ‘slice’ in the reply.

All sorted.

Going back to the questions at the beginning!

  1. I needed a header designed.
  2. I wasn’t going to waste my time doing it myself, only to be disappointed later.
  3. Fiverr and the like are good for a lot of things but in my opinion you need more when detail is involved!
  4. Economical? Of course, you need value for money and that includes the customer service as well as the production.

In GFX-1, I’ve found a company that meets my criteria and I’m extremely happy with the end result.

You can see what GFX-1 have to offer by following the link below:

    5 replies to "New Blog – New Header"

    • Pauline

      Hi Jon

      I agree with your that your header is great and that GFX-1 did a great job for you.
      I used them as well. Although I was pleased with it at first I am not so sure now. This is nothing against GFX-1 because I was given exactly what I asked for. Only because I have had no experience in this field before I actually got what I asked for.
      I am now beginning to hate my heading, and I cringe when I see it. Must get it redone soon.
      Any ideas?


      • Jon

        Hi Pauline, thanks for your comment.

        Headers are difficult aren’t they? It’s very hard to advise on them because they are so personal and everyone’s taste is different.

        You’ve put a face to the name on yours which works really well, I went for branding on my surname which I think also works well! Personally I think your header looks good for now, you can always change it later if you want but we’ve both got more pressing concerns at the moment, getting content on our blogs!

        You’ve posted some excellent information on your blog and my only bit of advice really would be to try and add some images to your blog posts. Not everyone will agree of course but I think having an image breaks up the text quite nicely, gives your readers eyes a rest and they’re great for adding links to.

        In fact, thanks Pauline, you’ve just shown me the way with another blog post…



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    • Darren Hudson

      Hi Jon , fantastic write up mate well laid out and really informative . Great job !!

      • Jon

        Thanks Darren, appreciate your comments. It’s amazing how a decent header can transform a blog or website.


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