Hi everyone, just thought I’d post a report on my progress with Internet Marketing and more specific, what I’ve learned through John Thornhils ‘Partnership to Success’ Program over the past few weeks.

It’s actually been slightly over 5 weeks now since I started this Blog and from now on I’m going to give you a progress report whenever I reach a suitable point in my training.

Here’s the first..

Progress Overview – What have I done?

  1. Found a suitable domain name
  2. Set up a personal blog to create an online presence
  3. Created an “About Me” page
  4. Started adding regular content to the blog
  5. Created my first mailing list
  6. Setup Social Media


1. Found a suitable domain name

This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought! You can read the fully story in the post “Choosing a Domain Name, how hard can it be?” but essentially, my surname ‘Crimes’ was making me a bit nervous about whether or not I would ever be able to rank well for my name in the search engines? Just type in ‘Jon Crimes‘ and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

With encouragement from the ‘Partnership to Success’ FB Group, I finally decided to stick with my real name and begin my online Internet Marketing journey as I meant to go on, honestly.

If I can give one bit of advice to anyone (after a whole 5 weeks of doing this!), please consider what you want your online identity to be? Not just now but in years to come as well!

2. Set up a personal blog to create an online presence

Now part of this was choosing the domain name, done!

The other part is thinking about how you want your blog to look to properly reflect your personality and in my case, my name!

For me, I wanted to play on the surname bit and create a site with a bit of a ‘Crime scene’ element to it. Hopefully you can see that reflected in my blog header and in a few other places too?

Developing an online presence actually dominated my thinking for a few weeks and you can probably see that in the post I wrote called “Developing an Online Presence – Top 5 Tips“. In fact, it’s still something I’m thinking about at the moment and will hopefully continue to pay attention to in the months (years?) to come.

How’s your online presence? Get in touch if you need any help!

3. Created an “About Me” page

This is another task which at first glance is quite an easy one!

I’m no stranger to writing content, whether it’s for product reviews or ‘How to Guides’ but I initially found it surprisingly difficult to write about myself! Why is that?

Well, I suppose I’m not really used to doing that and most of my posts, articles and other content in the past has been written from a 3rd person perspective. Or at the very least, a slightly detached 1st person view!

So, it took me a while, and more than few drafts, but here is the finished About Me.

Another word of advice here, think about taking your time when writing your About Me page. You’ll probably only write it once, so why not make it good?

4. Started adding regular content to the blog

Now, this is the bit I love, writing!

What can be difficult is keeping motivated with your writing but that has been made a lot easier by being in a group (Partnership to Success) and having like-minded people praise, and criticize (in a nice way of course!) your content. To me, this has been a real eye-opener!

I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for the P2S Facebook Group then my content wouldn’t have been as regular or as heart-felt!

To me, I felt so strongly about it that I created the post “Internet Marketing – Don’t do it alone!” and this is probably my biggest bit of advice to date, if possible don’t go on this journey without others to help you along the way!

That could mean joining a group like I have or even just simply following me and I’ll give you regular updates as I go along and always be there if you need any help!

Just look for “Connect with Jon” on the right hand side of this page.

5. Created my first mailing list 

I’ve been involved with Affiliate Marketing and creating my own websites for over 2 years but there’s one piece of advice I ignored right from the beginning…

That was to build a list from day 1.

What I’ve now done is signed up with Aweber, created an opt-in form, produced my first set of welcome and follow-up emails and already started to say a big hello to quite a few subscribers.

What’s really surprised me is how easy it is to do? There’s no big secret in all this, you just need to choose a decent Email Marketing Provider, in my case Aweber, follow their instructional videos and then take that all important action and put your opt-in form on your blog.

If you haven’t done it yet, why not try out Aweber today?

6. Setup Social Media

I’m no stranger to Social Media to be honest but the Partnership to Success course did reinforce to me the importance of communicating with a wider internet audience.

I have used Hootsuite for a number of years now and find that they really do take the pain out of submitting regular content to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Face it, if you want to gain followers on any of these media platforms then you need regular and good quality content.

Get Social Media right and it really does take Internet Marketing to the next level, get it wrong (poor quality and/or inconsistent content) and you might as well not bother!

I’m quite passionate about good Social Media (can you tell?). Want to know more? Check out “Managing Social Media” by…me of course!!


5 weeks have flown by!

I’m not sure whether it’s John Thornhill’s Mentorship or the excellent people I have met on the Partnership to Success Program but someone (or something) has definitely lit a firecracker somewhere and I can feel it starting to get hot!

If you think you can’t do this for whatever reason, family, job, tech know how etc. then sorry those excuses don’t work. I’ve done it!

My advice to you is one of or all of the following:

  • Join an Internet Marketing Group
  • Follow me and receive Free updates, hints & tips and the much sought after ‘IM Crimes Report’!
  • Try. If you get any problems, get in touch.

But above all, TAKE ACTION.

See you in a few weeks.






    16 replies to "Progress Report – 1"

    • Chaz Gelder

      Now then Jon, I wondered what you were up to. Very slick Blog old chap, as I would expect from an intelligent chap like your good self.
      Good luck and keep it up.

      • Jon

        Thanks Chaz, got to keep yourself busy you understand?



    • Gill Potter

      Hi Jon

      I love your style of writing, it seems to come quite easy to you. I must admit that, before signing up for P2S, I struggled with content but being part of this inspiring group of people has made it so much easier. The support and help is nothing short of awesome.

      I love your blog, from layout to content, and I think that your ‘Crimes’ branding was total inspiration, I wish I had a surname that could work so well.

      Keep up the good work, you’re definitely a star in the making.


      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Gill.

        For once my surname is my advantage, wasn’t always that way!

        It is a great group isn’t it. So refreshing to have others to turn to when you have a problem and what’s really nice is that no one is trying to rip you off! This will take some getting use to?



    • Nigel Griffiths

      Ditto to all the above….but especially being part of something special. I have never know a FB/Group of people like it!! Everyone is helping out & just goes with my biggest mantra in life – ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’…..I love it & also feel very motivated & reckon those that stick with it & run the course will be friends/motivators/mentors for a long long time!

      • Jon

        Thanks Nigel.

        All this reminds me of a film I saw a few years ago! I think it was called ‘Pay it forward’ or something along those lines, starred Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt! People helping out others who helped out others etc.

        We need more of that in this world.

        ‘Sentimental mode off’



    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Jon,

      It’s amazing hearing about your progress and seeing what have you achieved so far. Well done on already getting some subscribers, there is no doubt that you are a shining star within the P2S group and I like many other look forward to following you, learning more from you, reading your updates and your blog posts too.

      Keep up the fabulous progress

      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment and kind words Sky,

        I think there’s a lot of shining stars over on P2S and it feels great that we’re going to help each get the most out of this course.

        What a great beginning for all of us?



    • Pauline

      Hi Jon, great post.
      You certainly have a way with words that will take you far. I was intrigued that you have subscribers already. How did you manage that? I would love to learn from you.

      Take care

      • Jon

        Hi Pauline, thanks for your comment.

        I’ve received most of my subscribers, so far, from making regular posts on the Warrior Forum. I’ve tried to help people on there as much as possible, using my background doing Amazon Affiliate sites as a starting point.

        Either way, I’ve found providing you make good posts on there and include your blog URL in the signature block, then people will naturally feel curious and pop over to your blog.

        Also, I’ve tried to include reference to my subscriber list in a few of the posts on my blog. Seems to do the trick!


    • Keith Dean

      Great post Jon and well done on your progress.

      I have just completed week 6 and am going to nip and do some commenting now…which is one reason I am here!

      Hope to meet up soon – are you going to the Manchester Event?


      • Jon

        Hi Keith, thanks for your comment.

        Sorry, can’t make it to Manchester this time, too much going on at the moment!
        Sounds like it’s going to be good though, hope someone writes about it?


    • Darren Hudson

      Hi Jon,

      Great post and a really interesting read , you seem to explain it with real ease , starting to look like a real pro now and your determination will get you far . Well done mate you’ve done yourself proud

      • Jon

        Thank Darren, means a lot.

        Starting to enjoy writing again, nice feeling.


    • Steven Cousley

      Well said Jon. I’m really starting to feel the burn now as well. There’s a real sense of achievement from completing each step of John’s plan. I’m finding that being part of a group moving forward together really helps with the motivation. Then there’s the added benefit of learning from each other’s experience, we all have something to share.

      Looking forward to your next post.

      • Jon

        Thanks Steven.
        You’re right, being part of a group is doing wonders for the motivation. Can’t imagine doing all this by myself now to be honest!


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