My biggest lesson this week

For the past 2 years I’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing, mostly with Amazon. To be honest it’s gone very well and I’m now in a position when I’m getting regular and increasing revenue from my sites.

Not quite ready to retire yet though!

But the thing is, it’s been quite a lonely journey! I’ve made so many mistakes over the past couple of years because I had no one to bounce ideas off, at least no one who was thinking the same way I was?

So for more than 700 days I’ve been walking in the wilderness, making mistakes, beating myself for making them and sometimes getting nowhere fast!

For the past 7 days I’ve been a member of a Facebook group through John Thornhill’s ‘Partnership to Success’ Program, how things have changed!!!Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing

Suddenly, you’re not alone anymore, It’s actually a bit strange at first, especially after struggling by yourself for so long, but strange in a nice and refreshing way.

You have a problem? It’s suddenly not just your problem, others want to help you and they’re not asking for anything in return, it’s just friendly Internet Marketing between a bunch of like-minded people.

You can help other people! My biggest mistake up to now has been thinking that this business is everyone for themselves, SO NOT TRUE…  You have something which others are crying out for, your experiences and knowledge.

And do you know what? When you help someone, no strings whatsoever, IT FEELS GREAT…

If you haven’t done so already, why not check out my post about My Domain Name? This is a great example of how others helped me to get over this hurdle!

So today’s advice:

Have a think about joining an Internet Marketing group, a mentoring program that includes a members area or a suitable forum where you get help and also help others!

Here’s some great resources to have a look at:

Warrior Internet Marketing Forum

Fresh Marketing Forum

John Thornhill’s Digital Mentorship Monthly.

    4 replies to "Internet Marketing – Don’t do it alone!"

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    • Pauline

      Hi Jon,

      Great Blog. Although I have never had any success earning money on line before. I think following P2S together will the great help from the Face Book Group will eventually bring success.

      Take care

    • Iga

      doing something new and untypical for most of your friends and family can be really difficult and can make you feel really lonely and excluded from people. I felt like that many times before but P2S facebook group boosted my motivation and free help and support I get is priceless. 🙂


    • Gordon

      Hi Jon,

      I absolutely agree with you that being part of a community of like minded people is a great advantage over going it alone, especially when you have the benefit of others who may be more experienced in some aspects of marketing than yourself, whether it is technical issues or any other of the myriad of things that you need to learn.

      The biggest benefit though is having a successful mentor who has walked the path you are taking and help you avoid the pit falls along the way.

      Congrats on getting your blog up and running looking good.

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