Why would you want an Internet Marketing Mentor?

I’ve been working online in one capacity or another for about 5 years but it’s only in the past 2 that I really started to get serious about making money online and moving away from a traditional 9 – 5 job…but first:

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Back to my review…in the past 2 years I’ve done fairly well as an Affiliate Marketer, mostly working with Amazon sites but I was also at the same time trying to develop my skills in other Internet Marketing areas.

I had a few successes but many more failures!

My problem was experience (lack of) and coming across problems that I couldn’t solve. In the past this has been as simple as a WordPress Plugin Problem through to issues with setting up an Email Marketing List!

Looking back it’s very obvious now. I needed help and I know there are some excellent forums out there (Warrior etc.) but I needed more than that. I needed someone who had done all this before and made a real success with Internet Marketing.

Luckily, I managed to find an Internet Marketing Mentor who really set me on the right path!

John Thornhill and the Partnership to Success Program

My wife, Steph, happened to show me an email which she had received from a guy called John Thornhill.

In this email, John Thornhill had put together 4 Videos which demonstrated his Partnership to Success Program.

They included:

In the first video, John Thornhill introduces the Partnership to Success Program and includes a testimonial from Richard Legg, a well established Internet Marketer. Richard goes on to explain that a good way to find out who is genuine online, is to have a search for Internet Marketers on the Warrior Forum. A quick search for John Thornhill gives you a lot of confidence in his ability to provide a first class Mentoring Service.

The video also tells you who exactly John Thornhill is, where he used to work and of course where he calls the ‘office’ now.

In this video John introduces 2 of the 3 Keys to Success and explains that if you follow his 3 Keys to Success, he can 100% Guarantee your success online.

You are also presented with questions like:Do you think you have what it takes to be successful online? and Have you started to develop on online presence yet?

Video 3 goes into more detail about product creation.

John also makes a promise to you which I promise you will find amazing! He bases this on what the rest of his students have managed to make online because of his Mentoring and of course their hard work. He makes no excuses for this, his system does work but you need to as well.

So how do you drive traffic to your product?

Video 4 shares some of John’s best traffic generating techniques in this video in fact, over 5 traffic generating techniques!

You’ll find the advice offered in this video absolutely invaluable. From contacting potential Joint Venture (JV) Partners to building a list of Affiliates, John really knows what he’s talking about.

How does this program differ from the rest?

Something about John Thornhill and the ‘Partnership to Success’ Program was different from the hundreds of emails I had seen over the previous years, all offering to make me rich or share some secret with me that I only had to pay $37 for!

What I was seeing with John Thornhill was a well structured 12 month Mentoring Program backed up by some other things which didn’t seem that important at the time but would prove to be invaluable as the training progressed.

I can honestly say that after just 8 weeks on the Partnership to Success Program, I achieved more that the previous 2 years and beyond.

So what should you be looking for in an Internet Marketing Mentor?

That’s a good question and the answer to this very much depends on your experience with Internet Marketing.

What I can tell you is what I received from the Partnership to Success Program and then maybe you can use this to compare against similar Mentoring Services available.

Access to Your Mentor?

When you hire an Internet Marketing Mentor or join one of their Partner Programs, how accessible are they?

With John Thorhnill’s ‘Partnership to Success‘ Program, you have the following options:

  • Email his dedicated Support Desk
  • Call him personally in his office
  • Book a 1 hour consultation with him

It’s worth noting that for general support issues, the Support Desk is available 24/7.

Make sure you have access to your Mentor.

Does Your Mentor have Regular Webinars!

I had never attended a Webinar before I joined this program and to be honest I was a bit nervous for my first one!

I wasn’t even sure about what these Webinars would do for me, in the past I have seen these being offered as part of some package or another and thought they were a bit gimmicky!

I attended my first Webinar on Feb 26th 2014. Wow…The amount of information that my brain managed to soak up in that 1 hour was amazing, and what was really great was that I was online with other members of the Program.

All of a sudden, I wasn’t alone in the Internet Marketing game anymore!

Another thing which is worth considering is what if you can’t make the Webinar?

John Thornhill records all his Webinars and makes them available for listening later.

It’s worth making sure that your Mentor does this because you never know what curve ball life is going to throw you next.

Don’t miss that all-important bit of information!

Being part of a Group!

A good Mentoring Program caters to everyone’s needs.

I’ve enjoyed all of the Partnership to Success Program but one thing has really stood out for me, the Facebook Group!

This is a closed Group which means you need to be enrolled on the program to gain entry but once in it feels like you’re not doing this alone anymore.

The Facebook Partnership to Success Group really has changed the way I look at Facebook, I wasn’t a big fan before! All of the other members of the Program are in this Group and quite often if you have a problem, you’ll find that it has already been solved in the Group already, really excellent idea.

It also doesn’t matter what time of day you have this problem, providing you are a member of an Internet Marketing Program which is popular of course!

If I was looking for an Internet Marketing Mentor now, I would make sure it has a Facebook Group or similar service where other ‘students’ could help each other.


What do you want from an Internet Marketing Mentor Program?

For me, I wanted a structured weekly training schedule and a course which had flexibility so if the worst happened and I had to take a break from the Mentoring, then I could do that.

This is what the Partnership to Success Program provides and for me it has been ideal. On some phases of the course you can actually move faster, depending on your experience, which can be great when you need that bit of extra time to tackle a week which you need to take a bit slower!

So what do you need from your training? It’s worth taking some time looking over a Mentoring Program before buying that service. Is it what you need?

Internet Marketing Mentor Summary

I hope this article will help you when you’re considering the services of an Internet Marketing Mentor or Training Program.

What I’ve talked about here is what’s worked for me. Some people might not need this level of training and might just need someone they can ask for advice from occasionally!

For me though, I needed the full deal. I needed a well established Internet Marketer to help me develop a solid online presence, show me how to create and market digital products, generate traffic and give me the right tools and help so I could ‘quit the day job’!

This is what John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program managed to do. For me and many, many others.

If you’re interested in finding out more then click on the link below:


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Jon Crimes

    21 replies to "Finding an Internet Marketing Mentor"

    • Jack Powell

      You remind me of me. I have an old computer full of $17 to $37 products that were
      suppose to make me rich. The products took me from one subject or method to another without any continuity. So guess where that led?
      I made a little money here and there, but no consistency or long term growth.

      I recently began Thornhil’s course and like you, can see much progress already.

    • carl melton

      Hi Jon,

      this is great. I’m not as far advanced in my journey as you, but I have just registered for the Partnership to Success program – I’m just over a month in and am doing my niche research in advance of a first product launch.
      I agree with everything you say here and am looking forward to working with John and also the team as a whole to deliver a successful future for myself.
      In the early days, you sometimes need reminding that you’ve taken the right decision, and this does it for me, so thanks again!

      Kind regards

      carl melton recently posted this great article…Traffic Generation – how hard can it really be?My Profile

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    • James Woodfield

      Hi, Jon

      A very comprehensive, well set-out review, and one that readers who are looking for direction in their online efforts will find most helpful.
      Wishing you great success in your own efforts.


      • Jon

        Thanks James, really appreciate your comment.

        I really hope that this review can help others achieve what I (and what others on the program) have achieved in such a short period of time.

        Any program which can help someone achieve more in 10 weeks than what they did in over 2 years must be doing something write!



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    • Alonzo Stride

      Hi Jon!
      I think this must be the best review that I have seen of the Partnership To Success coaching program.
      I really enjoyed reading it, and found much information I may be interested in.
      A great post Jon, and Thank You…..


      • Jon

        Thanks Alonzo, really appreciate your comment.

        This is a great program isn’t it? I spent the best part of this morning looking at fellow Partnership To Success blogs and there’s some really great material out there.
        It’s going to be great if we can all make a success of this together.



    • Chris

      Hi Jon

      Great site and posts, like the P2S promo’s.



      • Jon

        Thanks Chris, appreciate your comment.



    • Kim

      It’s a great course isn’t it John, I’m thoroughly enjoying it myself and getting a lot more out of it than I ever thought I would.

      I’ve learned a ton about wordpress for instance since I joined up


      • Jon

        Absolutely right Kim, I’m getting so much out of this course I haven’t really taken a pause to breathe since we started.

        It’s really great to see how others are doing via the Facebook group as well. It seems that everyone has different levels of experience and expertise with Internet Marketing but it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, the help is there to make this a success.

        Just getting my head around the Product Creation research now!



    • Jon

      I’m actually doing both Richard but I was especially motivated yesterday and thought I would tell my readers a bit more about it in this post!

      It’s one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time to be honest, I’m feeling very positive about Internet Marketing now.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Interesting approach Jon. Did you choose to promote P2S this way rather than the pop up and sequence of emails, or are you doing both?

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