Question – Who else has to really try hard to be organised? and if not, would you mind letting me know your secret?

I just thought I’d pass on my thoughts today about how I manage to organise myself. Maybe this will help others, maybe others can help me, either way this is my Admin Wednesday!

So, as an Affiliate Marketer, Website Builder or pretty much anything associated with the internet, there are some tasks which are not the most exciting in the world but still need to be taken of.

I’m finding that if I bunch all these jobs together and take an Admin day either every week or fortnight, the rest of myAdmin time online is truly dedicated to what I really enjoy doing.

For me, I’ve chosen this day to be on a Wednesday purely because in a previous life (Armed Forces) we sometimes had a Wed Sports Afternoon where we would carry out some administration in the morning, followed by a bit of sport in the afternoon and then a few cold pints! After all, you need to take the rough with the smooth, right?

Sounds good to me, lets get this admin done quick then!

So what does my basic admin consist of?

The most important part of this for me is the Backing-Up of my sites and this really needs to be done before you carry out any tasks like ‘Updating Plugins/Themes’ etc.

So, in order, I do the following, site by site:

  1. Do a backup. Probably the most important thing you can do with your hardwork is too make sure you have a good copy of it. Personally I like to backup all my work once a week to an external hard drive and then once a month, make a copy onto a DVD. I also use a Plugin called Backup Creator which makes backing up all your sites extremely easy.
  2. Check any Scheduled Posts! I prefer to schedule the posts for my sites on the same day, on a Wednesday morning. So, it makes sense as a quick check on my admin day to check that these posts have scheduled properly. I’ve got history with scheduled posts not doing what they should so I confess to a slight bit of paranoia! You can read a bit more about scheduling posts here. Oh and don’t forget to submit your work to the big ‘G’ when its published.
  3. Check the sites comments. Depending on what site you’re working on, you might have genuine comments, like this blog for example, or you might be inundated with Spam, I’ve got a few of those myself. One such site seems to get some very daft comments with links to Footware and Sunglasses sites! Either way, you need to action these comments, approve them and reply to genuine comments or confine daft comments to the Spam ‘Sin Bin’.
  4. Update your Plugins/Themes. Sorry but these terms are aimed at WordPress users but I’m sure other Content Management Systems have similar words for these! Updating your Plugins and Themes has to be the most important bit of site admin after the Backup? but please make sure that you do this after you have backed up your work. Actioning these updates not only makes sure your Plugins and Themes are uptodate with their latest features but more importantly they frequently include security updates. I see it as keeping one step ahead of some of the more ‘shady’ people on the internet, don’t let these people have access to your hard work.
  5. Go through your site! By this I mean pretend to be a visitor to your site, use the Navigation, skim through the content and try and generate a first impression (again!) in your head. Does the site make sense, does the color scheme work, how is your branding? From your homepage, can you immediately say what your site is all about? Once you’ve been the visitor, put your ‘site owner hat’ back on and make sure that there hasn’t been any unauthorised changes to your site! One example is seeing an Advert where there shouldn’t be one or seeing some of your text that have links attached to them which are not of your doing! Could be time for the virus checker?
  6. Finally, the Hardware! Hands in the air, I’m guilty of this step but it’s so important to keep your Desktop, Laptop or other device fighting fit. So the final thing I do on my Admin Wed before playing (cough, cough) afternoon sport, is to clean my computer up and do a full virus check. I’m sure you already do something similar?

Well, that’s my Admin Day.

Over to you….

Do you do something similar, any tasks to add?

Maybe you’ve got a better way of taking care of all the mundane stuff!

Sport/Cold Pint or both?

Please feel free to comment below…




    5 replies to "Internet Marketing Sports Afternoon"

    • Britanica

      Updating on WordPress is VERY important! I learned that lesson the hard way. When you don’t update and let it slide, you are allowing security holes onto your blog. I had this happen to me and lost half of my posts because of it. A lot of the updates fix security holes and make the plug in more secure.
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

      • Jon

        Totally agree Britanica, its only when things go really wrong that you wish you had taken care of the admin, I’m guilty of that as well!

        Hopefully with a bit more organizing we can all avoid this sort of thing?


    • Janiera Eldridge

      Being an organizational freak, I absolutely loved being the admin of my own website. I got to control all the post, respond to the comments and watch it grow in numbers. It’s very important to be organized so that you can see what works for your blog and what doesn’t.It’s all so rewarding in the end though!

      • Jon

        Hi Janiera, quite right. If I stop being organized it can all get messy very quickly and difficult to monitor. When it all works and you know a large part of that success is your organizing, it feels great.

        Thanks for your comment.

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