Firstly, a BIG Happy New Year to you all.

So what are your Internet Marketing strategies for 2016 and beyond?

I thought I would share some of mine with you, very interested to hear what you think of my IM ‘resoultions’ and what you’ve got planned for the next 12 months onwards!

Now before I came up with my ‘shortlist’ of things that I need to do and stuff that I really need to stop doing, I had a look back over the past couple of years and noted down where I had made mistakes and strayed a bit too far away from ‘the path’!

These included:

  1. Buying too many shiny objects
  2. Not building a list
  3. Being disorganized
  4. And not taking action…..

I tend to like doing lists in multiples of 5 (some OCD there maybe?) but these 4 pretty much sum up where I was going wrong.

So, in 2015 I managed to take care of the ‘List Building’, gettting myself really organized and taking ‘frequent’ action, but I was still getting distracted with all the ‘shiny object’ products and was still finding it hard to pull myself back to what I should be doing, working on my own stuff.

Then, not so many weeks ago, I found the answer!

As I’ve moved more and more into product creation, I’ve identified other areas which I need to improve in.

These included Sales and Jv (Joint Venture) pages.

I found that I could still satisfy my need to check out new products that were arriving in the marketplace, which in some ways is neccessary because we all need to keep ourselves upto date with what’s going on, by concentrating more on the Sales and JV pages of these new products.

Win-win for me, satisfying the need to be a bit nosey and developing my sales copy experience at the same time.

Anything else?

Well, more of a personal organizing thing but what I was really missing was something that I made a lot of use of in my previous life as an engineer, a whiteboard!

There’s something very thought provoking about jotting down thoughts/drawing a Sales Funnel on a whiteboard, they’re also great for todo lists where you can’t get away from the ‘stuff’ that you need to do for that day!

So for a quick summary.

My advice for 2016 is to stop being infactuated with all the new shiny products which come out but its great practiceInternet Marketing 2016 to checkout their sales copy and how they promote their products.

And…to get yourself a whiteboard as that final bit of ‘getting organized’.

Over to you.

What are your 2016 (and beyond) Internet Marketing resolutions?

And what have you found to be your biggest distractions over the years?


Happy New Year Guys


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