If you’re the owner of a Blog in pretty much any niche you’ll know how difficult its become to drive traffic to your site?

Internet Marketing is certainly no exception to this!

We used to have Article Directories, Link Wheels, Paid Links, Keyword Stuffing, Metadata Descriptions and Duplicated Content, to name but a few, but these were seriously abused over the years and the big G said enough was enough and handed out a few ‘slaps’.

I personally think that this was a good thing and what’s more, we always had Guest Blogging to turn to to get decent backlinks, drive traffic to your site and give something back to the community.

Then this got abused….and the Happy G Slapping continued, with many well established blogs questioning whether they could ever accept Guest Bloggers again?

So is Guest Blogging Dead?

Before I answer that:

What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?

I think to summarise Googles view (via Matt Cutts) of Guest Blogging, it’s ok providing:

  • You’re a High Quality Writer
  • You have a message and a perspective which is going to be of value to the community
  • An original thought! You have something to say which people are going to find informative.

But on the other hand, the not so good:

  • Spinning Blog Posts
  • Offering the same Blog posts to multiple sites (duplicate content)
  • Low quality articles
  • Articles where the sole purpose is to obtain links!
  • Bare minium word posts (200 – 400 words for example)

No pressure then, lets see if I can get beyond 400 words here!!

I’ve read a lot of comments online about how vague this video is and we also need to keep in mind that it was published in 2014.

But is it really that vague?

Google is still very heavily invested with putting the trash in the dumpster and what we used to see in the way of blatant SEO, including Guest Blogging, was that there was an awful lot of rubbish out there.

We just need to move with the times.

In fact, is it just moving with the times? In a way, I think this is Googles way of resetting the clock! Its sort of how things were always mean’t to be before the clever ‘Black Hat’ brigade moved into town (and made quite a bit of money from it!).

So I started looking around for Internet Marketing Blogs that accepted good quality Guest Blogs and that’s where the story really begins!

Finding Sites that Accept Guest Blogging

Have you heard of Topsy?

Its a great site where you can come up with new ideas for your blog posts but its also pretty good at finding sites which you can Guest Blog on!

is guest blogging deadFor example, I typed in “guest post” social media including the quotations into Topsy and was presented with pages of Guest Post articles in that niche. Click on the links and you find out which sites are ok with this!

Its not quite breaking the sound barrier but….thats 400 words done! I can relax now!Guest Blogging

So this looks good, the official word from Google is that its still ok to Guest Blog, providing its high quality content and completely ‘White Hat’.

So is that the end of this story, no!

Along with Topsy, there’s another resource I would like to share with you:

List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites)

Now this post is over a year old but I’ve been through most the links on here and the vast majority are still very much current, thanks Peter.

What you do notice however is that there’s sites on here which no longer accept Guest Blogging and some sites go as far to offer an explanation as to why this is the case.

One site, Inspiration Feed, which is great site to have a look around by the way, went as far to honestly post the following comment:

It seems that our generosity has turned for the worst. On January 31, 2014, our PageRank dropped because Google has detected unnatural outbound links on our website (guest articles). To protect ourselves, we’ve decided to stop accepting guest articles.

Inspiration Feed were not the only site to close the door on Guest Bloggers and it became obvious that finding sites willing to accept you has become quite difficult.

Or, perhaps more accurately, the choices are fewer!

Is Guest Blogging Dead – My Summary


But, I would suggest doing the following:

Finding a Site that accepts Guest Blogging

  • Use Topsy, the list I’ve posted above and any other resource that you can find to search out a few suitable sites that will accept Guest Posts.
  • Lets say you’ve found 3 such sites. Make sure that these sites are still current, have they had any recent blog posts, was the last one about 5 years ago?
  • What credibility has that site got? By no means fool proof but I would recommend firstly looking at the content on the site, how does it read, would you be happy putting your ‘High Quality’ stuff on there? Another good indicator of how the internet (read Google here) see’s this site is its Page Rank. You can easily check out a sites PR by using PR Checker.
  • Do the sites have a registration process or a simple ‘Contact Me’? Either way, get in touch with that Blogger and see what they say.

Your Content

  • As Matt Cutts said, make it ‘High Quality’
  • If you need to take a week creating a well-researched, quality article which is going to make readers say “Wow” then that has to be a job well done. It’s better than creating 7 low-quality pieces which are only going to end up in one place…
  • First impressions count! If you’re new to all this, and even if you’re not, make your work as good as it can possibly be! The odd spelling mistace is acceptable but there should be no excuse for the reader to hit that back button during the first paragraph because nothing makes sense.

And don’t forget that all important sound barrier….

Over to you

Is Guest Blogging working for you?

Anything you want to share, after all it’s difficult to keep up with all this Slapping!

Comment always welcome.



    7 replies to "Is Guest Blogging Dead"

    • Britanica

      Great advice on this subject. I was wondering this myself. As a blogger I know how much of a pain it can be to get traffic and I have read such negative things about guest blogging. It is good to see someone weight in and out all the options.
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi, it’s nice to know that Guest Blogging isn’t dead, it’s just got a bit more tricky!

        Personally I just guest blog now to share some great info and my thoughts, if the odd link and a bit of extra traffic happens to come along then all the better…


    • Janiera Eldridge

      Yeah, I don’t think Guest Blogging is dead in any way. I see guest blogs all of the time. Guest blogs just need to be of high quality and deliver quality information. As long as guest blogs are not just filled with spam links, it can be done on a valuable level.

      • Jon

        Hi Janiera, That’s pretty much what Matt Cutts was saying and in a way i thinks it’s all common sense.

        I like to look at it as only putting material on someone else’s site that I would be really proud to have on mine!

        No rubbish, no spam, all relevant and of great value to the reader. Getting a good name for yourself is way more important than a couple of ‘dodgy’ backlinks.

    • Will

      Guest blogging isn’t dead at all. Cutts just put a warning shot out there that they’ll start devaluing some of the people who are doing the very minimum they need to obtain links through this method. Question is, if you are legitimately doing guest blogging and offering really good content, how would google know? I mean, it’s done to obtain links, but it’s also gaining a new audience.

      Here’s where I take issue: articles where the sole purpose is to gain links. I’d stay that the point of guest blogging is 90% obtaining links anyway. How can they tell the difference. If you are going out there and writing killer blog posts, but they happen to get a link for you in the process, is that wrong? I say no.

      • Jon

        Hi Will, I totally agree, for the majority of Internet Marketers, especially people trying to become established, Guest Posting is for building the occasional back link and driving traffic.

        We just need to stay away from the ‘spammy’ side of things because Google is becoming quite clever these days in spotting blatant link building, keyword stuffing etc.

        Thanks for your comment.

      • Zasham

        Yes, I’m agree agree with you Will. And I’m very impressed with you’r comment.

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