Email Marketing and Lead Magnet Ideas

Looking for Lead Magnet Ideas?

Want some great lead magnet ideas? Take a look at the right hand side of this blog…where you see an offer which catches your attention then you’ve found this sites Email Marketing Lead Magnet!

It’s there to offer value to visitors in return for their email address.

They then join the ‘Internet Marketing Made Easy’ email list which offers them more value, gives them great special offers and saves them time and money.

Win – Win for everyone!

Can you give me some other Lead Magnet Ideas?

Yes but what you use can depend on what sort of site you have (what’s your niche?) and what sort of things your site visitors will be interested in but some common Email Marketing Lead Magnets include:

  • Reports
  • eBooks
  • Video Training Series
  • Audio Training
  • Webinars
  • Personal Consultations

But this list isn’t exhaustive to be honest. Again, it all depends on what your readers are going to be interested in but whatever it is, it needs to deliver VALUE!

Looking for some FREE eBooks that you can use for your Email Marketing Lead Magnet?

If you’re stuck for ideas in what to use as your Lead Magnet then how about these eBooks?

Lead Magnet Ideas

Here’s the links where you can download them in PDF form:

Internet Marketing for Newbies

Social Media Power

Email Marketing Secrets

But first…please make sure that these are suitable to your site and will be of interest to your readers!

Before you install a Email Marketing Lead Magnet on your site!

Obviously before you setup your Email Lead Magnet you need to make sure that you have an email sequence in place.

Again, depending on your niche and expected visitors, this email sequence can be just a few emails or a whole years worth (all preloaded) but you need an email autoresponder sequence in place to welcome your new subscriber and then a series of follow-up emails which deliver more value to your readers.

This post won’t go into the specifics of writing an email sequence but there’s some great material available out there which can help you.

And it all depends on what Autoresponder service you’ll be using! The advice here is to check out Aweber but there are other options of course.

How to install the Lead Magnet on your Blog?

If you’re using WordPress (like with this blog) then you can install your Email Marketing Lead Magnet in a Sidebar Widget.

A basic ‘Text’ widget has worked well for this blog.

Step 1 – Setting up a Lead Magnet

Using Aweber as the example, you setup a very basic signup form with just the Name, Email and ‘Submit’ button part of the form visable as in the image below:


setting up your lead magnet idea

Setting up a Lead Magnet 1 (Aweber Example)

Note: in this example you’ll notice that all other parts of the form have been deleted!

If you want to do the same, simply click on the ‘X’ next to that part of the form.

Step 2 – Setting up a Lead Magnet

You then follow the steps in Aweber (for this example) until you get to the ‘Who will Publish this Form to your Website?’ section.

Select ‘I will install this form’ and then make sure you have ‘JavaScript Snippet’ selected.

Copy and past that ‘Snippet’ which should look something like this:

how to create a lead magnet

Setting up a Lead Magnet 2 (Aweber Example)

 Note: Where there’s a blank after “AW-FORM- ” you will see your Aweber form number!

Step 3 – Setting up a Lead Magnet

Now the last part of setting up your lead magnet is adding this code from Aweber to your Lead Magnet image.

Just pick your image and you can either use as it is or enhance it a bit with a bit of text!

For the Email Marketing Lead Magnet on this site, Photoshop was used to add some basic text and then image was saved as a JPEG image.

Then this image was uploaded to WordPress, the new WordPress URL for this image was then combined with the JavaScript Snippet from Aweber and pasted into the ‘text’ sidebar widget in WordPress itself!

So the text widget looked like this (your Aweber form number would replace the X’s!)

how to get subscribersSetting up a Lead Magnet 3 (Aweber Example)

So that’s all there is to it!

If you use the code above as your example, replace the image source with the URL for your WordPress image and replace the JavaScript code (the larger second body of code) with your form code, then just paste it into a text sidebar widget then, hey presto….there’s your new Email Marketing Lead Magnet!

Hope this has given you some great Lead Magnet Ideas that you can use for your site?

Got any other lead magnet ideas that other readers will find helpful?

Leave your comments below.



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