I’ve recently been trying to hone my skills with website Link Building and have been using this blog as a bit of a guinea pig!

It’s actually started to pay off and I’ve found that if you follow a few methods that have worked for others and have a bit of paitence, it should produce the same results for you!

The 5 different types of link building strategy that I’m going to talk about are:

1. Making friends with other bloggers.

There’s obviously a bit more involved here than just buying them a drink at the bar (although I suppose that could work sometimes!) but what you can do is find someone who is on your wavelength (same or similar niche?), start posting quality comments on their blog (for a while!) and then introduce yourself by email.

Jon Crimes - Internet MarketingThe trick here is not to be too pushy of course.

The magic word again is paitence, and not to appear like you’re in it for yourself. Offer them value at the begining and then get friendly with them. In your initial introduction email (or phone call?) let them know that you find their site very interesting/informative and that if they would like you to write a guest post or anything else then please get in touch.

And then, leave it at that! Don’t ask for any favours at this stage just leave it open. Some of these bloggers will then start to pay attention to your site/work and the favour will quickly be returned with natural links to your blog from a site which has complimenting material, just what the search engines want…

2. Get listed in the right directories.

When I say the right directories, these really need to be ones that are suitable for your site!

This did take a bit of trial and error in finding the right ones but if you simply do a search for your ‘top’ keyword, for example ‘Internet Marketing’ then you should see some directories pop up in the search results.

Another tip is to keep an eye out for the directories that have the most recent dates listed against them! Post Google updates, Penguin being the main ‘offender’, some directories have all but disappeared whilst a few seem to have flourished. Look for those dates…

3. Good in-text links…

but make sure they’re natural! This covers both internal and external links, Google loves to have your website knitted together by good quality and pertinent internal links and appropiate external links show that you are not isolated but actually a part of the bigger WWW.

Whenever  I write an article, I try to make sure there are 2 or 3 internal links which point the way to other information on my site and where possible, an external link or two.

I do however work on the principle that if it looks out of place (or a desperate attempt just to make links!) then I leave them out.

4. Make your content ‘Super-HOT’.

What we really want is for other people to naturally link to our site and we do that by offering material that they can’t find anywhere else!Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing Blog: IM Progress Report - Weeks 1 to 5

I don’t personally think that an article can be too short or long but what it must be able to do is a get a valuable message across to the reader. If you can do that in a way which is also a little bit entertaining and colourful (lets use some images!) then you’ll certainly be remembered and hopefully for the right reasons?

A reader will happily link to the content on your site if they think it represents good quality, we just need to meet those expectations!

5. Get Help!

Link building can be a frustrating exercise sometimes!

But…help is at hand. There’s companies out there who will do all the work for you but as you have probably guessed, this will cost a bit!

On some of my sites, I’ve just used the services of Fiverr (www.fiverr.com) and although this can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, get lucky and you’ll find a decent SEO service that won’t cost you the earth. Just do a search on the Fiverr site for ‘link building’ as a start!

There are of course other options as well and you might want to try the likes of:


You could even check out some of the forums, like www.Warriorforum.com, this is particulary good resource and not only will you find people who can do this sort of work for you but you will also be able to get more advice on how to do Link Building yourself!

What about you?

Thoughts on this article or have your own Link Building stories? Love to hear from you…feel free to comment below.



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    • Ant Carter

      Good post on link building – which is key to developing regular traffic sources. You detail some of the simple things that people forget about – when they’re being bamboozled by the latest greatest solution for sale.

      I have been automating link building and social network posting for a while now, I have written a report on it which is free if you join my list 😉 … ‘How to automate your traffic’ .

      The system I describe drip feeds content to different websites automatically and naturally over time – building backlinks. It also connects all your social accounts together, saving you a ton of time and getting you a ton of social traffic too – and staying Google friendly at the same time.

      If you have the time check it out, it’s getting me great results:


      Good luck in business

      Ant Carter recently posted this great article…Infographic – How To Build Your List The Right WayMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Ant, thanks for your comment.

        Sounds like an interesting report you have there, I’m just off to check it out now.

        Staying Google friendly really is the way forward isn’t it?


    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon,

      Pleased to see that this post is now coming up ok. This is very informative and certainly gives me a “valuable message’. Link building is not somethingI have been concentrating on with my P2S site, in fact I haven’t been concentrating on very much at all IM wise over the last few months, but I will take on board your suggestions when I get back into it.

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Alarming New EU Legislation Concerning VAT Effective 1st January 2015My Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Richard glad you found the post useful.

        I’m not entirely sure why the post didn’t publish right the first time, the only thing I did differently was that I scheduled this post!
        To be continued I think…



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