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I’ve just been writing an article on another site and, on autopilot, been creating both internal and external links! Good for SEO (Google!) and excellent for your site, for those that are unsure why or how to carry out Link Building for Blogs I thought I would drop a quick post!

Link Building for Blogs #1

Internal links

To some this is very obvious, to others not so, internal links are just the links which hold your site pages together.

For example, I wrote a post on the ‘Top 5 Tips for Developing an Online Presence‘. Now, if I want to link to it I could do so by introducing the post into this page, highlighting the post name and inserting a link.

Link Building for Blogs#2

I could also just add a blog resources paragraph at the end of this post.

Link Building for Blogs#3

Another way in which you can add a link is to do it as part of an image. What you’re basically doing is utilizing one of the images in your post, or adding a new image, and editing the properties of that image.

You can then add a link to your previous post through that image.

Link Building for Blogs #4

External linksI’ve learned about external link building the hard way! Being involved with affiliate marketing, you soon realize that its very easy to get penalized by the big ‘G’ if you have a ton of affiliate links leaving your site and taking the journey over to Amazon…

There are of course ways to mitigate this and one of the most ethical methods is to have external links which add value to your content and give your readers the choice to find out more information from other authority sites.

The goods news! The same methods that I described in ‘Internal Links’  are what we use for External Links. But, because you are inviting your readers to leave your site in the name of valued content, you need to maximize your chances of the reader coming back to you when they have finished getting their extra value!

You can do this by ensuring that:

  • Your external links are placed within your content and not at the end. you want your reader to take a brief break from your content and not leave forever.
  • You can also make sure that any external links open in a new window. That way, your page is still on their computer in the previous window.


Links are good! You’ve just got to learn how to manage them properly.

What I do is write the post or article first and then read back the content to myself and figure out where I can link back into the site and what ‘words’ are screaming out for an external link.

The final, but arguably the most important step, is to make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes and your links actually work. Take the time to test!

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    • miso

      Hi Jon,

      I really like link building – internal/externally and have some experience on it. As far as i know, for SEO purpose, google give your post/article points for having your keywords in alternative text of your image, but no more that 2 per post, and also for linking your keyword but also not more then 2 times.


      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Miso.

        I agree, it’s important to not overuse keywords too much in your articles.



    • Torsten Müller

      I love the way how you integrated your own videos for explanation into the post, great job!

      Now that I received the microphone I ordered, I shall see to get some done too.


    • Darren Hudson

      Hi Jon ,

      Great structional post and well use of videos too adding more value to it explaining it in more depth . Great blog onwards and Upwards 🙂



      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Darren and the positive feedback on the blog videos.


    • Steven Cousley

      Nice use of video in this post Jon. Can I ask what program you are using to create them?

      • Jon

        Hi Steven, thanks for your comment.

        I’ve just started using Camtasia Studio 8. Opted for the 30 day free trial to see how I get on with it!
        I know it’s early days but it’s not as steep a learning curve as I thought it would be, in fact if I can do it….


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