Not many people are going to argue that Managing Social Media plays a huge part in your Internet Marketing ventures. With popular sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to name but a few, how can you effectively manage all these Social platforms in one place?

Managing Social Media

I was given two bits of advice when I first started to produce Affiliate Marketing websites:

  • Start a list, from Day 1
  • Get active with, and manage efficiently, Social Media

Of course, at the time I knew better and just concentrated on producing content which I thought was going to make lots of money. To me, the foundations didn’t really matter, I was very wrong.Managing Social Media - Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing Blog

Starting a list is probably the single most important thing you can do with an online business and I’ll talk more about this in another post.

For Social Media, there is one resource which has helped me to save time and money and build my own Social Media network. For the past year, I have been using Hootsuite.

What’s so special about Hootsuite?

Firstly, you can use it for free! If you’re serious about starting an online business then it’s important to be ready to spend some money for essential tools and services but if one of these tools has a free option then this can obviously make money available for other things. You might well have to upgrade later but knowing that something works for you before spending money on it has to be a good thing?

The Free version of Hootsuite allows you to manage 5 of your Social Profiles and has a basic level of reporting and integration but it’s still very suitable for someone starting out in Internet Marketing and will give you a good idea about what the service can do for you.

As you find your needs change and you need to upgrade to include more Social Media profiles and extra functionality, Hootsute also offer a Pro version where you can add up to 100 Social profiles, great when you have multiple sites and blogs to manage.

You can manage the following Social Networks with Hootsuite:

So how does it work?

Social Network Management gives you the flexibility to add content to your multiple Social Media profiles whenever you want to, all from one platform.

To me, the beauty of this is that you can load up all your Social Media content in advance. I find it really works to do this once a week, on a Sunday evening in my case!

For example, one of my websites needs regular content adding to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once a week I load up all this content for the following week. With Hootsuite, it allows me to choose what content goes out on what day and at what time. It’s then completely hands off for another week.

So what happens if you want to Tweet extra content in that time or have something extra important that you want to share with your Facebook audience?

Easy, you just log into your Hootsuite interface, select what profiles you want to communicate with and simply ‘send’.

Not only that but whatever you send, whether it’s ‘pre-loaded’ for the week or a bit more spontaneous, Hootsuite allows you to include those all important URL’s with your content!

Some of my content refers out to other peoples articles and information which I believe my readers will find to be very interesting. Hootsuite lets you add these URL’s (web addresses!) to your content easily.


Managing Social Media is important but not so much as managing your time and efforts effectively and efficiently!

I’ve used Hootsuite for over a year now and can fully recommend this platform to manage all your Social Media profiles. If you’ve found another platform which works for you, then great, but if not then give Hootsuite a try.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions at all on Managing Social Media or just want to get in touch, then please Contact Me.

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    20 replies to "Managing Social Media"

    • David Weightman

      TO be honest, I just had a great time all of my social media and blog accounts because of hootesuite. It keeps me on track on how I do well on marketing my business online. This goes for the skeptic marketers who are hesitant to use hootesuite, hope you finally resolved from having second thoughts. Thanks for sharing this Jon!

      • Jon

        Good to hear it’s working out with the Social Media David.

        HootSuite is something I really couldn’t be without now! When I first started to use it my Social Media efforts seemed like a lost cause but if you continue to post regularly then it’s amazing how quickly things take off.

        Now, for as little as 1 hour a week (Sunday evening is my choice!) my Social Media is generating some great traffic and I can only see it increasing further.

        For anyone thinking of giving up on their Social Media, please don’t! Give it a bit of time, post regularly, try and engage with your subscribers and followers and then watch the traffic follow.



    • Dan Newman

      Hi Jon,

      What an excellent post! I’ve been struggling to keep on top of my FB, Twitter and Google+. An this looks like the solution I’ve been needing. Thank you for the excellent post about it.


      • Jon

        Thanks Dan, glad the post was useful.

        It’s nearly Sunday and very nearly time for me to load up the Social Media but with Hootsuite it’s quick and easy!

        Hope it helps you as well.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon,

      Well I can only endorse what others have said. This is also the first time I have really started to take social media seriously enough to realise that it is such a powerful tool. I have had a Facebook account for some time now, but never really used it, other than keeping tabs on a few friends. Linkedin also seemed a good idea as a reference point. I have now signed up to Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest and have been wondering how to manage them all. I’m on a steep learning curve with how to use them and your post, especially concerning Hootsuite. I will be bookmarking your blog and following your posts religiously from now on.


      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Richard.

        Good to see you’re taking the social media plunge!
        It does take a bit of time to establish a following but you will get there.

        Can’t recommend Hootsuite enough, it’s helped me no end.


    • Jim Martin


      Thanks for this. Had heard of Hootsuite but hdn’t done anything with it. You have now given me a plan for this weekend, as I have everything else set up.

      Anything to make life easier!!

      Speak soon.

      • Jon

        Thanks Jim.

        It’s probably the only software that I’ve come across that has a decent free version!

        Well worth trying.


    • Con Dolmas

      Hi Jon,

      I love that you can load up a week’s worth of content in advance, and use a tool like Hootsuite to distribute it out across multiple social media platforms.

      Whilst I like the idea of the tool, it’s the discipline of loading up content on a specific day every week that I find most inspiring.

      Thanks for bringing Hootsuite to my attention and thanks also for sharing your method for getting your content out there.

      Thanks again,

    • Pauline

      Hi Jon

      I found this to be a very informative and interesting blog. Until I read this I didn’t really know what ‘Hootsuite’ was all about.

      I am just starting on social media for business purposes. Once I get used to using the different platforms I shall definitely follow your lead.

      Well done Jon

      • Jon

        Thanks Pauline, appreciate your comment.

        I personally think that Social Media is essential in developing an online presence but as with everything, it needs to be done as efficiently as possible!

        For me, Hootsuite really helps to do this. Glad you found this useful.


    • Dave Thomas


      Thanks for the post!

      I have experimented with Hootsuite in the past and on your recommendation, I will be definitely look at Hootsuite again.

      I also have been using Buffer which allows you to add messages to Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn so maybe I should look at using them both in conjunction.


      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Dave.

        I must admit I haven’t heard of Buffer before but I will check it out, even just to make a comparison between the two services.


    • Nigel Griffiths

      Hi Jon,
      Blog is looking good…I think I will start adding pics (no word from John about it & I swore that I would do exactly what he said!), but think I will follow what others are doing.
      I have noticed on some of the blogs that I’ve looked at, that the home page carries a ‘thumbnail’ type image next to each post…will have to investigate in OP2 how to do this.
      Sorry, I got sidetracked….Hootsuite…..I do have an account but can’t say I really have used it except with another ‘shiny’ object that I bought a while ago – Linkclaw….I think I will have a look at it again wearing my ‘what it is actually for’glasses !!

    • Dan Tredo

      Hi Jon,

      Wow – thanks for this recommendation. I’ve heard of this tool but knew nothing about it. I really appreciate the recommend. Sounds like it makes the world of social media managing a lot easier.

      See ya around in P2S on our rise to fame!

      Dan Tredo

      • Jon

        Hi Dan, thanks for your comment.

        Absolutely, it does make managing Social Media easier and I’m all up for making things easy!


    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Jon,

      Thank you for sharing with us your recommendation of Hootsuite, I’ve never heard of them before and will certainly take a look at it in my spare time. Now I noticed that you are quite active with your social media, so do you mind if I ask.. how long or how much time do you spend on social media each day? And how beneficial has social media been in traffic generation to your blog?

      Kind regards

      • Jon

        Hi Sky.

        I normally spend about an hour on a Sunday night ‘loading up’ the Social Media. Per website I normally try and go for 1 FB/LinkedIn post and 2 Twitter tweets every day. After some practice, this becomes fairly easy.

        Is is beneficial for traffic generation? I’d say a big yes to that one. I suppose it might depend on what niche you’re in but for me regular Social Media content has led to big increases in traffic.

        Appreciate your comment.


    • Gill Potter

      Hi Jon

      Thank you so much for this really useful recommendation.

      I’d heard the name Hootsuite but never really knew what it was all about and I will definitely be checking it out.

      Social Media is such an important tool to be able to connect with so many people, whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, customers, even potential customers, but it’s also very time consuming posting to individual social sites. Hootsuite sounds like a great way to keep in touch in a fraction of the time, so well done for sharing this really useful tip and if I have any problems with it I know where to come. lol

      Thanks again

      • Jon

        Thanks for your comment Gill.
        Hootsuite is just one of those tools that really can make life easier as an Internet Marketer. Really hope others will find this helpful as well.


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