Are you using Memes in your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Looking for the best FREE Meme Generator to help you out?

Well I wasn’t but I’ve just started a BIG Social Media drive, following successful marketers on the likes of Facebook and Twitter and working out what they’re doing right!

One thing I’ve noticed, which is a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ in hindsight, is that if you want to be successful with Social Media marketing and drive traffic to your affiliate offers, blog, website etc. you need to produce regular and awesome content.

So back to stalking, sorry I mean following, the big players on Facebook etc.

Some of these guys and girls are creating superb content, great blog posts etc. but to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google + everyday you’re going to need some ‘quick’ content that can take the pressure off writing 24/7.

Of course, one way of doing this is with Memes, something I can honestly say I haven’t done before but it’s so easy, check this out, and it’s FREE!!!

  1. Goto:
  2. Choose an image
  3. Add some words 🙂
  4. Click ‘Generate Meme’

Here’s mine, please excuse this Game of Thrones nut!

Meme Social Media Strategy

So that’s all there is to it.

Just remember to use Memes responsibly, don’t send them out everyday!

They are a great way to supplement your Social Media marketing content, maybe 1 day in 5 for instance.

More to follow.

Over to you, do you use Memes already?

Does this site make it easier for you?

Have they proved to be successful with your Social Media marketing strategy?

And for GOT fans, who do you think is going to sit on the iron throne?

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