Had to share this one because it was driving me mad for the best part of 2 days, hopefully it won’t send you ‘loopy’ as well?

I’ve just finished working on an eBook for a new product of mine and when I did a PDF print of the eBook from Microsoft Word what I found was:

Some the border lines for the various images in the book were missing!

After a bit of (well quite a bit actually!) research I discovered that this is a glitch with Word and something that Microsoft have known about for a while.

I’m using Office 2010 by the way, so not sure if the latest offering has sorted the problem?

The solution

Once you accept its a problem with Word itself and not your PDF sofware, the solution is quite straight forward, so:

  1. Save the word document in the XPS format in the ‘save as’ option
  2. View the new document in your XPS viewer. Windows 7 onwards has this built in, you might need to find an alternative program online if you haven’t got this!
  3. ‘Print to PDF’ your XPS document.
  4. Go and admire all your images with perfect border lines!

Its a weird problem this one but one which is straight-forward to solve if you use the steps above.

I’ve got to be honest, this really was driving me mad.

Love to hear about any little computer problems that have had you pulling your hair out….I’m off for a lie down now!



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