So  ‘HTML made simple!’ You can probably have a stab in the dark on what that is roughly all about but what about the ‘Mission Impossible’ bit?

Mission Impossible

Now this has everything and nothing to do with Internet Marketing!

Confused? If not, let me try a bit harder…

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, in 1953 a New Zealand bee farmer conquered Mount Everest and in 1969 a Moon Landing was staged in Nevada (only joking!!).

My claim to fame was when my wife and I purchased a lovely little holiday apartment, with plenty of ‘potential’ in a new and very promising European country called Bulgaria.

To be honest, I wish I had been involved with the Nevada Apollo crowd now, shifting this apartment is proving to be Mission Impossible!

Time for some Internet Marketing then…

When I sat down and really thought about how to sell this property, it dawned on me that this ‘Mission Impossible’ task wasn’t dissimilar to working as an Internet Marketer.

In many ways it’s going to be harder to sell this property than it is to be a successful Internet Marketer, trust me this is all ‘uphill’ stuff!

The Euro Zone is seriously depressed at the moment and it’s making me weep just writing about it…

However, isn’t it all just about finding the right audience and then marketing direct to that group?

Up until now, this property has been advertised in one backstreet Estate Agents in Bulgaria! The occasional Bulgarian is going to see this advert and keep walking. The people who might be interested will most likely never see this great offer!

When I thought of this a bit deeper, it became obvious that I needed to market the property to those people it would really appeal to, in this case that’s rich Western Europeans and in particular those in the UK…

The Russians might be interested but:

  1. My Russian is worse than my Bulgarian, and
  2. At this time, they’re kinda busy.

So to summarize this whole sorry attempt at being a property magnet I did the following:

  • Created a website to showcase the property and give rich West Europeans no excuse to not part with their cash.
  • Included simple instructions on the site so that potential buyers don’t have to think too hard about where to click next, after all that money is starting to burn a hole!
  • Advertised the property and the website on eBay and pretty much every other online classified going! I want everyone (targeted!) to see it…
  • Dusted off my copy of ‘The Right Stuff’. I still want to be the first man on the moon…

HTML made Simple!

So, back on track!

The site I created for this Property Sale is called Bulgaria Home Voneshta Voda.

On the right-hand sidebar, I wanted to add a clickable image direct to the estate agents that are managing the property sale for me.

Now, I’m not too bad with some HTML and with a little prompting and Google searching I can normally solve most HTML problems!

But as with most things in life, now and again you discover a little trick which you wish someone had pointed out many years ago and prevented you from all that unnecessary Internet searching and head scratching.

Here’s a Simple example:

Example – Adding a Clickable Image into the Sidebar

The trick here is to let WordPress do all the work for you (please adapt this method to your own Content Management System if you don’t use WordPress).

  1. Start a New Post.
  2. Add an image to that post, as you normally would!
  3. Left click on the image, select edit and add your desired ‘Link To’ URL (Custom URL in my case), Alternative Text, Image Title Attribute and ‘Open link in a new window/tab’ options
  4. Click update.
  5. Then go to ‘Text’ view on your Post and you should see something a bit similar to this:

Mission impossible Easy HTMLExample of Linked Image HTML

 And then the Simple bit…

  1. Copy all that text. ‘Ctrl A’ followed by ‘Ctrl C’ is my particular favorite!
  2. Add all this text to your Text Widget in your sidebar.
  3. Save the Text Widget.
  4. And view the site.

That’s it.

No more remembering how to use HTML to open the ‘target’ in a new window and no more ‘src=’ or <a href> problems. It’s lazy no doubt but it works for me and it saves time.

Win win.


I like simple HTML.

Someone out there is going to really love our Bulgarian Apartment.Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing

I’m still waiting for NASA to call…


Jon Crimes

    7 replies to "Mission Impossible and HTML made Simple!"

    • Will

      That insgiht would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

    • Darren Hudson

      Hi Jon ,

      Great post and very entertaining It really made me chuckle ,

      I learnt a little bit about HTML when listing stuff on eBay as I had to change sales pages etc using a free HTML editor called NVU which takes all the hard work out of it .

      Hope you sell your Bulgarian property , maybe if all of P2S family help spread the word might help .

      Come on folks lets all get on board
      Darren Hudson recently posted this great article…Cash In A Flash!My Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Darren, you’ll probably agree that’s it only right to try and inject a bit of humor into some of our Internet Marketing based posts!

        HTML editor called NVU? Must admit I haven’t heard of that one, will definitely go and check it out.

        As for the property, there is always the Russians! Traditionally they’ve been keen to buy property in that part of the world but I’ve got a feeling there’s going to be cheaper apartments further up the Black Sea Coast soon…

        It’s a funny old world.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Excellant post Jon and very entertaining:-) I learned the basics of HTML from a book called Head First HTML, I still use it as a reference now for useful tips. However, if you had used my recommendation you could have saved yourself some time:-) Good luck with the sale.

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Amazing WP EditorMy Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Richard,

        You’re right, that looks like a very good recommendation. I see that ‘Thrive Content Builder’ is the new name for this WP-Editor, I’m going to have to give this a try.



    • Gordon Smith

      Hi Jon,

      I personally spent a good few years learning html and css didn’t take it as far as php.

      Using Dreamweaver along with my knowledge of html and css makes it super simple to create any kind of website you want. Great for sales pages, but the thing is it was completely unnecessary as far as setting up an online business. It was more like a hobby that I enjoyed rather than seriously looking to set up an online business.

      It was great fun though

      Seriously I wish you success with selling your holiday home.

      Gordon Smith recently posted this great article…Product Creation – Market ResearchMy Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Gordon,

        I’ve spent a bit of time with HTML myself but all too often I find myself making silly little mistakes which really slow me down!

        It’s nice to find these little tricks now and again…

        4 days in and the Bulgarian Property is still available, might have to give it a bit longer?


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