Want to know more about Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant?

Now this isn’t for everyone and its important to state that I wouldn’t recommend this for your own ‘personal’ work, like a blog for example, but you can Outsource Internet Marketing tasks really easily.

I’ve been outsourcing content for some time now and if you missed my article on Content Creation then you can check it out again here.

Outsourcing content creation is great for those sites which don’t necessarily need that personal touch such as Product Reviews, creating eBooks and Kindle books and even for carrying out Social Media campaigns.

We (my wife and I) found that some of our Product Review sites were taking far too much of our time and we started to look at better ways to manage this aspect of our business.

What we discovered was actually quite a pleasant surprise and we can’t believe how well using this service has actually turned out.

So what service am I talking about?

Outsourcing tasks to a VA (Virtual Assistant), and in my case, outsourcing to the Philippines!

We discovered a site called Online Jobs – Filipino Virtual Assistants.

When you first look at this site, it does seem a bit too good to be true! The site boasts over 80,000 excellent staff with some willing to work for only $1.45/hr.

They also seem to have someone who can do just about anything associated with online work and it seemed quite easy to employ a VA there and then!

However, after doing some research online about using this service, we found that its worth taking a breath and finding the right person for you, the right way!

Want some tips?

1. Don’t just go and hire a VA!

You’re the employer and you’re taking chances with just hiring the first person you see, based on what they say about themselves.

Instead, workout exactly what skills you require from your VA, what you are willing to teach them and how much you are willing to pay them.

Then go ahead and ‘Post a Job’


2. Posting a Job

Take time to write the job spec and then post it directly on the site.

Your job post is a great way to find out who is suitable to be your VA and it’s important you make sure that person reads (and understands0 the job post fully, is able to respond to instructions and pay attention to detail.

For that reason, you can include simple instructions in the job post, like:

“Reply to this job post by email..”


“Include a link to your profile on Online Jobs ph in your reply”


Just two examples but you probably see where I’m going with this?

By getting applicants to respond to these instructions, you automatically ‘weed’ out the weaker candidates!


3. Have a look at examples from others who have posted jobs already!

I’m a great believer in learning from others and you can certainly do this when you’re outsourcing on sites like Online Jobs (.ph).

If you’re using Online Jobs – Filipino Virtual Assistants, you can just pretend you’re a Job Seeker and have a look at all the latest jobs available.

You can then find a Job ‘Spec’ which is similar to what you want and get some handy tips from someone who has already done all the work for you (well, at least the hard part?).

A good example of a Job Post which we found interesting and which helped us wright our advert is shown below:

Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant









So that’s how we started outsourcing work to the Philippines!

It’s only been a few months to be fair but so far we’ve been bowled over by how good our VA is and how much time (and money) they’ve been saving us.

Have you outsourced?

It’d be great to hear from anyone else who’s got good or bad experiencing from Outsourcing!

Let us know and I’ll promise to keep you informed about how we get on!







    3 replies to "Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant"

    • Tom

      BIG POST!

      However, we have one addition to make…

      We just spent 6 months recruiting Filipino VA’s to our new marketplace:


      So that entrepreneurs can hire awesome VA’s in just 5 minutes and 7 clicks (no one has anytime to recruit anymore!)

      Anyway I am off to share this with my closest 9k Twitter followers 😉


    • Jon

      Thanks for your comment Kim, I know exactly what you mean by the way.

      It is great when you find a gem though and I think as long as you spend some time ‘weeding out’ and interviewing potential employees then you should minimize the risk, quite a bit!

      Thinking about it, need to pay mine now!!


      Jon recently posted this great article…Driven to DistractionMy Profile

    • Kim

      I got badly bitten by a Filipino VA a few years ago and have been a tad cautious ever since though I could really do with another VA.

      I think I’ll poke my toes in the water again and give it another try

      Kim recently posted this great article…How much is enough…My Profile

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