Heard of Pinterest? Using it as part of your Internet Marketing strategy?

Now if you’re not then don’t worry because I wasn’t either until my good lady told me of what she was doing with one of her websites (called Number1Toy by the way!).

Firstly, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you to create and manage image collections, based on a particular theme! Think of it as a load of pinboards where one of them is yours and you can share the images (and links) from your pinboard with others and also use their images on your board.

I initially thought Pinterest wasn’t that popular but after finding out it has over 70 million users and 2.5 billion average monthly pageviews, I feel a bit daft now!

It’s a very ‘Social’ way of doing marketing because you need to get fully involved with other peoples boards to get the maximum amount of attention for you pinboard.

How about an example?

Going back to my wife’s site, www.Number1Toy.com, this website is promoting toys in various categories. One good example is the category ‘Best Toys for Infants 2014’.

By creating an image for this category and placing this category image on your pinboard then you now have a great source of potential traffic to your site.

But to make the most of this, you need to get social! For ‘Best Toys for Infants 2014’, a number (about 20 at the last count!) of other peoples board ‘pins’ have been collected and pinned to this category.

This essentially means doing a search through Pinterest for information which is relevant to your ‘pin’, and then selecting that image onto your pinboard.

Sorry, there’s a lot of ‘pins’ there but hopefully you get the idea?

But does it work?

Well it’s still early days for my wife’s Toy site but the comments, reviews and testimonials online appear to be very compelling!

The Huffington Post reported on how a mother and her teenage daughter used images on Pinterest to drive up visitors to their site in excess of 100,000 page views per month!

Very impressive for a social media platform which doesn’t require hours of writing countless articles or any in-depth research!

Any Negatives?

You need to use your imagination!

Seriously, Pinterest isn’t going to be a natural fit for all demographics but it’s amazing what people will follow and search for!

Integrating Pinterest with your website

If you’re using WordPress the integrating Pinterest onto your site couldn’t be simpler?

We found a plugin called “Pin It” which adds the very distinctive Pinterest Pin It Button to your posts very quickly and then if another Pinterest user likes your images and material they can ‘Pin’ you to their board, if you’re really lucky it might even go ‘Viral’.

Pinterest and Internet Marketing

Promoting your Pins

Let me introduce one more service here. Viralwoot.

Viralwoot (formally called Pinwoot) helps you promote your Pinterest content in a unique way which has been designed specifically for the Pinterest service.

Joining Viralwoot is free and your Pinterest account is visible to thousands of other Pinterest users on Viralwoot immediately.

You can also promote individual content pins to get increased exposure and followers by paying with ‘seeds’. Adding a pin for promotion costs 25 seeds and apart from the seeds which you are given for joining the service, you can earn more by re-pining other peoples content.

Seems to be a great way to share and promote other peoples content?

So what do you think?

I’m quite excited about Pinterest but need to look into it a bit further!

It would be great to hear from anyone who has had good (or indeed bad) experiences with this service?

Has it made a substantial difference to the traffic you receive to your site?

Has your Pinterest account replaced the need for other social media or is it just another tool in your internet marketing toolkit?

Let me know.





    8 replies to "Pinterest and Internet Marketing!"

    • James Hughes

      Hi Jon!
      Your post has convinced me that it would be a really smart idea to take up Pinterest as a viable medium for online marketing. Great informative post!

      • Jon

        Thanks for the comment James and glad you found the post useful. My other half is the brains behind our Pinterest adventure and it looks very promising so far, we’re getting a fair amount of traffic per effort compared with some of the other social media we’ve tried!

        Please let me know if you want a hand with any of it.

        Kind regards


    • Paul Wallace

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the post, it’s very interesting to me as I have heard of it but have very little knowledge. Well that has now increased and I will go away have a play.

      BTW, I am another that has just got back into the game.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Excellent post Jon, I’m also trying to get to grips with Pinterest because it lends itself perfectly to info graphics and the creation of my first product…I will implement your tips right away concerning ‘Pinit’ and Viralwoot…

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Double Your Social Media Followers – Part 5My Profile

      • Richard G M Taylor

        Just to follow up on the ‘Pinit’ tip, I have looked at the available options and with the free version (despite what it says) it is difficult to put the button where you want (unless your prepared to play around with short codes), so I went for the Pro version which gives a lot more options and flexibility..check out my site and let me know what you think…

        Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Double Your Social Media Followers – Part 5My Profile

        • Jon

          Hi Richard,

          just checked out your site, that does look a lot better with the positioning of the ‘Pin it’ button.

          Might be worth considering the paid version but first of all I’m going to try and get to grips with the whole Pintrest thing a bit more first!



    • Nigel

      Hey Jon…
      You back on the horse? Everyone seems to have gone quiet (incl me)….you back in the game?
      Nigel recently posted this great article…WordPress Backup – Automatic & Awesome!My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Nigel,

        so many distractions lately but I’m trying to get back on with the product, it’s been a good weekend for it actually!

        Hopefully everyone else can join us and jump back on.



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