So I’m lying in bed with the dreaded man flu and very conscience that I need to post to my blog! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I’m chastising myself for breaking the golden rule, ***Add REGULAR Content***.
In my defense, it has been a busy time though and man flu can be very serious, although some women fail to understand this of course…

But back to the content. (Please be careful reading this, I’ve just coughed and spluttered all over the screen!).

It’s amazing how much you miss writing when other things take a bit of a priority over your posting activities! But there is something you can do (and I should have done!) when you’re in the writing mood and you happen to have time to yourself to take care of those ‘other priority’ moments in life.

Write some backup content.

For instance, if I had taken my own advice and produced some emergency backup posts, then I wouldn’t have worried so much about writing on my blog today and could have been doing my own man flu stuff.

I’ve heard plenty of chocolate can help a man to recover when it gets really bad.

There’s also some great news about backup/emergency posts if your a WordPress user!

With WordPress, you have a couple of choices about how you want to approach this.

1. You can write some posts and save them as drafts giving you the choice of when you want to release them.
2. You can also write your content and ‘pre-schedule’ that post to be published sometime in the future.

Thinking about it, I actually like the sound of the second one.

Pre-scheduling is a great way to take full advantage of those moments when you are in the writing ‘zone’ and have a respite from other distractions (loved ones/World Cup/Game of Thrones etc.).

And when you can write it’s amazing how you can really churn out some great information that your readers will find both useful and informative. If say you were looking at releasing
at least 1 decent post a week, not a bad target by the way, then you could write 4 in one sitting, pre-schedule those posts on WordPress and release 1/week for the next month.

Do that frequently and you’ll soon have most of the year covered, you could even then start to pre-schedule other content so that you’re now realising decent work twice a week, get the picture?

So how do you pre-schedule content with WordPress?

Now this bit is fairly straight forward.

  1. Write your post.
  2. Go to the ‘Publish’ section of your post
  3. Click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Publish immediately’
  4. Set your required time and date for putting your content ‘live’ and click OK.
  5. Then click the ‘Schedule’ button.
  6. That’s it!

In fact, I managed to make it from my bed to the main computer and pre-scheduled this post to publish in an hour (it was touch and go on whether I would make it though!). Here’s a quick screenshot:

Jon Crimes Internet Marketing


Hope this helps.

So how do you plan for those times when you physically can’t write?

Do you stockpile material or pre-schedule your content on WordPress on other platforms?

And how do you cope with Man Flu? Does your ‘other half’ understand?

Be great to hear from you, comment below….


    8 replies to "Pre-schedule Your Content!"

    • Pauline

      Hi Jon, I hope you are feeling better now.

      I think pre scheduling could be very helpful at times. I did try it out on Word Press but it did not work as it should. I must missed out something; I shall go and give it another go.

      Take care
      Pauline recently posted this great article…Research and Yet More ResearchMy Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Pauline, been out of action for a little while and had a few extra distractions as well but getting back on track now.

        I need to take my own medicine and get some pre-scheduling done!


        Jon recently posted this great article…Driven to DistractionMy Profile

    • Kim

      Man Flu (Pah)!!!

      Seriously you’re right about the prewriting stuff, I’ve had a few weeks on and off where I’ve not been able to get any content written for the blog. and I like to keep mine well updated at all times as a rule.

      I can remember writing a years worth of content once and prescheduling it. (Works very well)

      Get well soon

      Kim recently posted this great article…EasySketchPro is my new favorite toy…My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Kim,

        knew the ladies wouldn’t recognize the seriousness of this condition!!!

        Finally pulling through now and back to the writing.

        A years worth of content hey? Might need a bit more strength before I tackle that.


        Jon recently posted this great article…Pre-schedule Your Content!My Profile

    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon, your post may provoke me to try and do what you say. Although I don’t have illness as an excuse, I too have not posted for a couple of weeks. I have to have something on my mind to post about and then get it off my chest as it where when I’m in the mood. Unfortunately, that doesn’t come often enough. My only problem with your suggestion, is that when I am in the mood for writing a post, it’s usually about a specific topic and once that has been written, I’m not in the mood to then think about something else to write.

      Get well soon.

      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Visual MarketingMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Richard,

        appreciate your point about being in the mood for a particular topic. I suppose you could just put a couple of articles ‘in the bank’ so to speak, so when you need help with content you have something to fall back on!

        How about not publishing 1 in 4 articles for instance? Save that 1 article in WordPress and you’ll soon get a few that add up.

        Just my thoughts really. For me, I’m either all or nothing so when I do get writing it flows quite nicely.

        When I’m not in the mood though!!!


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    • Torsten Müller

      Hi Jon,

      I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from man flu right now.

      Although I don’t do it often, having some blog posts prepared is an advantage for times when you are just not able to write something new.

      But personally I don’t like the WordPress scheduling feature that much, especially when you have a couple of posts in the queue. It gives rearranging posts some headache.

      I discovered some time ago a free plugin that shows the planned posts in a calendar overview and allows to rearrange them via drag and drop.

      If you want to check it out here’s more about the WordPress Editorial Calendar.

      Cheers and get well soon,
      Torsten Müller recently posted this great article…Basics To Making Money OnlineMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Torsten,

        nearly back to full strength now, thanks.

        Good recommendation with the ‘WordPress Editorial Calendar’, I’m going to check this out in a minute.

        Sort of agree about the scheduling feature in WordPress. It seems fine for a small number of posts but for anything more it could get confusing.

        The Calendar approach normally works very well.


        Jon recently posted this great article…Pre-schedule Your Content!My Profile

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