So, just like a lot of other students on the Partnership to Success Program, I’ve reached the dreaded ‘Product Niche Research’ stage of the course!

So why do Product Niche Research?

I know that I have at least 1 thing in common with the creator of the Partnership To Success program, John Thornhill, we both like to keep things simple!

I’ve tried to follow similar courses before but they have all tended to tackle rather simple subjects very heavily. It’s like the old ‘knowledge is power’ syndrome and these so-called ‘Guru’s’ would rather not quite let you grasp all the facts, probably hoping that you will be confused enough to buy more products off them to make things a bit clearer!

Fortunately, this is the not the case with this course. It’s ‘simple’ and I like that…

The actual research stage of product creation is probably the most important part. What you don’t want to do is spend all that valuable time developing a product only to find that you don’t have a market to sell it to.

This is where good, solid niche research comes into play.

How to do Product Niche Research?

What I can’t do in this post is share with you the exact formula for carrying out product niche research or give you the template that I have used to carry out this research, all that belongs to John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success course but what I can do is give you an idea of how easy this can be.

By the way, if you like to find out more about the Partnership To Success course then you can find out more from my post HERE.

Carrying out your initial Product Niche Research is very simple.

Firstly, make a short-list of topics which you find interesting and have some experience with.

Think about:

  • What you like to do?
  • What are you good at?
  • What have you done online already? You may not consider yourself to be an expert in any one particular niche but if you’ve helped at least 1 person on a forum, your blog or by speaking to them, doesn’t that make you more of an expert than they are?
  • What do you enjoy writing about or talking about?

Turn these into a short-list of topics that you want to research further.

Your list of niches should include some or all of the following:

  • You have knowledge in this niche or are willing to learn!
  • When you look at the niches in your list, if any of them make you yawn or completely fill you with dread, then cross them off. You need to enjoy writing about this topics or this will be reflected in your product.
  • And it needs to be a niche where people are actively looking to buy products from, more about this next…

Matching a Niche with Customers?

So you’ve got your list of niches.

You’ve been through that list again and are confident all these topics are something which you have knowledge in or are at least ‘very’ willing to learn about?

How do you now match these niches with customers? Is there a demand for your product niche?

The best way of doing this is seeing what similar products are available on the various Information Product Distribution Sites.

Again, I’m just going to touch on this because all this fully explained and exampled in the Partnership To Success Program, but I still want to share with you a few pointers.

This is really all about giving you as much confidence as possible that your chosen niche or niches have active customers looking for information about them and that your product will have the potential to make considerable sales.

I’ll share with you two resources which are great for doing this:

  1. Clickbank
  2. The Warrior Forum

Firstly, Clickbank is one of the biggest sites which distribute Digital Information Products. Finding products that are selling well on Clickbank can give you a great deal of confidence that your niche has customers looking for your kind of material.

Secondly, the Warrior Forum is probably the biggest Internet Marketing Forum on the Internet. Is your Niche being discussed on here? Are members of the Warrior Forum actively searching for answers to problems associated with your Niche?

Product Niche Research Summary

I hope this information will help guide you in your Product Niche Research.

I like to keep things simple (helps me at least!) and I think there is 2 essential elements to this research:

  1. Can you write/produce a good quality product in a particular niche which is going to add considerable value for your customers?
  2. Does your chosen niche have active customers looking for the sort of information that your product will deliver?

Using the resources of Clickbank and the Warrior Forum will of course give you a good indication of the popularity of your niche but if you want to take it a stage further and carry out the research in full then you need to check out the services of the Partnership To Success program.

You can find a link to this program in the resources below.

As always, please feel free to comment on this post. Does your experience with Product Research differ from mine? Can you give any extra hints or tips to the readers of this Blog?


Jon Crimes

Resources used in this Post:

Partnership To Success program

The Warrior Forum


    11 replies to "Product Niche Research"

    • Nigel Griffiths

      Hiya John,
      Yep…the dreaded stage that everyone is fearing…but the main reason I suspect that everyone bought into this course! If you have tinkered around for a while in IM then it becomes v clear that you need to produce your own product….but that doesn’t mean when that time comes that there isn’t apprehension or nerves!!
      Keep it simple is spot on….& remember that everyone started off knowing nothing….
      I am quite excited if I am honest, this will be a whole new learning curve which I suspect will become addictive!!
      I suspect we shall be seeing each other quite a bit along the way!!
      Enjoy the long weekend pal!
      Nigel Griffiths recently posted this great article…Banners – How I Add Them….My Profile

      • Jon

        Can’t argue there Nigel.

        We pay good money to be on an excellent course and then start to get nervous when we start to get to the ‘meat’ of the program! Funny old world isn’t it?

        On a good note, I’m finding the learning addictive as well.

        It’s amazing how much you can learn when that material is well structured.

        Hope your weekend is good as well, I might take a few hours off today, just for a treat!


        Jon recently posted this great article…Product Niche ResearchMy Profile

    • Pauline

      Hi Jon

      This is a very well written and informative post. I am struggling just now with this topic, as I am sure many of us are. However, I agree the research is necessary to help us in the future when we are out in the wide world on our own. What I mean is that John can help us in the Internet Marketing niche but if we decide on something completely different he will not be able to help us so much.

      Take care
      Pauline recently posted this great article…This Week We Are CloakingMy Profile

    • Gordon Smith

      Hi Jon,

      One of the big selling points of investing in the P2S course is the fact that JT is going to promote your product, and to maximize the benefit of that your product has to be in the IM niche.

      Looking at the sub-niches of IM that is where your product is going to come from. Because there will probably have been products created on the topic you will select you then have to ask yourself “how am I going to differentiate my product from the ones that have already been created?”

      What value can you add to your product that will make it better or different from what’s already out there.

      Gordon Smith recently posted this great article…Product Creation – Market ResearchMy Profile

      • Jon

        Thanks Gordon.

        You’re right of course, we do need to create a product in the IM niche to get the full benefit from the Partnership To Success course.

        As the research moves forward I’m starting to discover that I actually know more about some of the Internet Marketing niches than what I first thought, which is a real boost to be honest.

        I’ve also been reading ‘Operation eBook’ by Paula Brett today as well. The ideas really are starting to flow now and I would like to recommend this eBook to anyone who is starting to create their own information products, definitely worth a read.

        Appreciate your comments as always Gordon.



    • Frank Claassen

      Hi John,

      Choosing a niche is as difficult as you make it. Following John’s program, you know that you have to be in the IM niche. So, the next part is to choose a sub niche.

      What you choose in this stage of the PTS program is, I think, not that important. Just choose a subject that has you interest or you want to know more about, and start researching.

      This could be List building, Facebook ads, Getting traffic etc ., It doesn’t matter if there are tons of products out there over list building etc.

      For example if you choose list building, go and find out how other marketers have created their product, and look for the things that are missing or you would do differently or a different strategy.

      Do your research and create the product in you own way and give that personal touch that makes it different from the rest. The first product is always tough to do, I know I’m still struggling,but then it comes easier the next time, because you know how to do it, and you come up with new ideas for a future product.

      Just don’t do banging your head against the wall trying to find a sub niche. Choose one, start researching, and bring a better product than the other marketers.

      Long story, but I hope that it helps you.

      Success in your PTS journey

      – Frank
      Frank Claassen recently posted this great article…Looking Back And To The Future – Quick Start ChallengeMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Frank, thanks for your comment.

        That’s some brilliant advice there thanks, hope it helps some other readers as well.

        You’re right of course, it’s like most things isn’t it? The more you do something, the easier it gets. From what I’ve seen so far with Product Creation, it’s all about technique and hopefully in the future that’ll become second nature!

        Just adding to your advice a little bit! I’m starting to think that if I can create a product around an IM sub-niche, even it it takes quite a bit of study to get right, then that is going to help me in the long run.

        Exciting times.



    • Graeme Ashe

      Hi John

      I totally agree with what you are saying “keep it simple” many people over complicate niche research. When it simply comes down to is there a market for your product and if possible are you interested in that niche. Some other good sites to do research are Amazon, JVZoo and check the For Dummies books.

      Hope this helps.


      Graeme Ashe recently posted this great article…One Of The Biggest Mistakes That Many Bloggers Make When Starting OutMy Profile

      • Jon

        Absolutely Graeme. The old KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) was drummed into me many years ago and it seems to work well for me, why over complicate matters?

        I’m still choosing my first niche though and trying to use this first product to get fully conversant with the selection process. It’s taking longer than expected!

        Might have to write a post when I’ve finished to help others go a bit faster!



    • khdziri

      Hi John,

      Nice article on how to find the niche. Am also having a big problem on finding a good niche for myself as there are like thousand of niche to choose for. The decision is ours.


      • Jon

        Hi Khdziri,

        It’s not easy is it? I think this is one of the most important steps though and well taking at a slower pace!

        Good luck with yours, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any help.



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