This Progress Report is going to be slightly different to the first one!

Reason, comfort zone (or lack of!).

You see, when I posted my first Progress Report, everything was shiny, exciting and well within my ‘comfort zone’. I lured myself into a false sense of security and thought I was going to become the next Internet Marketing ‘Guru’ overnight. I was very wrong…

So, lets start with the good, talk about the bad and finish off with a bit of hope. I think they call that the ‘Bath Tub Effect’?

The Good

Since the first progress report, the Blog has been progressing very well.

The really great news is that I’ve never enjoyed writing so much! It really is a joy to be able to put what you’re thinking into words on the screen and share it, for a long time…

What’s also really great is that I’m beginning to get some very encouraging traffic to the Blog and some fantastic comments on my posts from very knowledgeable Internet Marketers. I do feel like I’m in very good company.

Some of my more popular posts have included:

Finding an Internet Marketing Mentor

Finding an Internet Marketing Mentor
Finding an Internet Marketing Mentor
Finding an Internet Marketing Mentor

Finding an Internet Marketing Mentor

I really wanted to introduce the Partnership To Success course to all my readers and this post says it all! After all, I couldn’t believe how far I had come in such a short time.

Content Creation Services

Here I posted about my success with a Content Creation service called iWriter. Not that I use them for my personal stuff you understand (like this blog) but their services are great if you want content created for your other online ‘activities’.

5 Tips for Increasing Traffic to your Blog

This 5-part series in Traffic generation developed a lot of interest and it was brilliant to write. Once you get started it’s amazing what you actually know!

So, the blog was going well.

The Not-So Good

I called this the ‘bad’ in the introduction but that’s not really the case. I just lost a bit of Internet Marketing confidence and that ‘Rose Tint’ disappeared for a while!

This was the start of the Product Creation stage of the Partnership To Success course.

I think this was a lot to do with Human Nature coming into play. I really was at the top of my game with the Blog and writing regular content on it, as well as visiting the blogs of fellow Internet Marketers. When you get going you feel invincible and then…CRASH.

So what went wrong?

I was being too critical of myself and self-doubt was starting to creep in!

During the first phase of Partnership To Success, I felt I was making fantastic progress and I even started to help other members, a brilliant feeling. Then I stalled with my Product Creation ideas and even though help was readily available on the Facebook Group, all I could see was everyone else running to the finish whilst I had tripped over the starting line.

Back down to earth with a bump…

A New Hope

A poor Star Wars reference and in an Internet Marketing Progress Report, has Jon gone mad?

Well possibly but there is real hope here. Unfortunately, it took me a few days to shake off the product creation doom but I’m now fully back on track!

So what did I do?

I took the following steps:

  1. I walked away from the computer and had a few beers, well actually more than a few beers but I managed to keep my clothes on, didn’t steal any traffic cones and didn’t tell a complete stranger “I really love you mate”. I think that counts as ‘Drinking Responsibly’!
  2. The next day I got serious but was too tired to do anything…
  3. Day 3 was when it really happened. I reviewed all the advice I had received in the Partnership To Success Facebook Group, looked at what I had done in Internet Marketing for the past 2 yearsJon Crimes - Internet Marketing Blog: IM Progress Report 2 and then it hit me…I really did have a set of skills which I could market as a Digital Information Product and help others achieve what I have.
  4. I then put these ideas into a Mind Map and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. In fact it got so big, one chapter of this Map will most probably be a product by itself, great success.

 So what have I learned over the past few weeks?

That’s a very good question. It’s so easy to get carried away when things are going so well but eventually everyone is going to hit a stumbling block and sometimes that can be quite a fall.

What’s really important is having someone to turn too when the going gets tough, for me that’s the Partnership To Success Group.

The Way Forward?

It’s great when you can take stock of what you know, identify how you can add extra value to that knowledge and then go full steam ahead!

That’s what I’m doing now.

My advice to anyone attempting a similar venture is to take action but make that action count…

If you have doubts, take a step back and work out what you need to do to get to where you want.

Do you need to research your niche a bit more and fill in any skill gaps?

Hit the Forums! Find questions that are related to your product idea, can you answer any of these questions? If not, get researching again…

But most of all, make it happen.


It would be great to hear about how other people have managed to overcome this mental ‘barrier’!

Maybe you tackled things a bit differently to me, if you’re not a member of an Internet Marketing Group who did you turn to for help?

Or maybe you don’t know what all the fuss is about (love to know your secret)?




    8 replies to "Progress Report 2"

    • Pauline

      Hi Jon, great post. You are definitely not alone in meeting the stumbling block. Product Creation is also that for me.

      I am as a write these starting again from week 9, I am actually on week 10 just now. I am also reading Paula’s eBook PROPERLY this time, not just skimming through it.

      Take care
      Pauline recently posted this great article…Organize Your StuffMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Pauline,

        appreciate your kind comments.

        Product creation is quite a challenge isn’t it?

        I think you’re doing the right thing by the way in reading Paula Brett’s E book again, she certainly knows her stuff and it’s helped me write the first few modules of my product.

        I’m finding that as I research and write more for my product, it’s getting easier all the time. It’s still no walk in the park but the whole process is making a lot more sense now.

        It’ll be the same for you. Speak soon.


        Jon recently posted this great article…Finding an Internet Marketing MentorMy Profile

    • Darren Hudson

      Hi Jon ,

      Great post mate and I can totally relate as that is exactly where I am so decided to take break from it, plus a few other distractions in family life and JOB etc .

      So technically this post has sort of wakened me up a notch plus met another member off here too which was great to just actually chat to someone on same wavelength who actually understands a little about what we are trying to do .

      Great post and thanks for jogging my memory and giving me a bit of a kick up the ASS as knowing Hey I ain’t the only one .


      Darren Hudson recently posted this great article…Cash In A Flash!My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Darren,
        It’s so encouraging to know I’m not alone with this!

        It’s actually a great lesson for us all, isn’t it? If you think that everyone else is running ahead and there’s no way you’ll ever be able to do this, then think again..

        I’m so glad I managed to snap out of this feeling, really hope this post can help others do the same.



    • Gordon Smith

      Hi Jon,

      First of all, well done on the progress you have made with your blog it’s looking great.

      Great post which I think we all can relate with to some degree or other. The imagination that you have summoned up where you imagine everybody whizzing by you creating their products with effortless ease… B S (Blooming Silly..obviously)

      Experiencing challenges is inevitable and it just may be that breaking the pattern of negative thinking that we all have at some point is a good thing to do, so don’t beat yourself up you did the right thing walking away having a few jars and then get stuck in again.

      I like Richard’s advice be yourself, be authentic and don’t try to put on a face that belongs to someone else.

      Don’t underestimate the task of creating your product and by that I mean be patient. Each small incremental step that takes you in the direction you want to go is the way to do it, just be clear about where you want to go. The best way to eat an elephant– one mouthful at a time.

      Looks like your doing well, Keep it up!

      Gordon Smith recently posted this great article…It’s Not You It’s What You’re Doing!My Profile

      • Jon

        That’s great advice thanks Gordon.

        You’re right, that thought was definitely BS. But as many others probably know, it’s so hard to pick yourself up when the mind gets negative!

        I still think joining Partnership To Success is one of the best things I have ever done with Internet Marketing. The replies to this post alone are solid proof of that.

        Really appreciate the encouragement.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Fantastic post Jon and I’m so pleased that you have managed to find yourself a path through the maze, I don’t think there are any ‘blueprints’ to success other than a determination to succeed and merely being yourself. If you try to be something you are not, then maybe in the short term you may con a few people, but in the medium to long term you are dead. The secret to success online is to BE YOURSELF…
      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…P2S Training – Week 13 – Naming Our ProductMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Richard,

        Your advice is always well received and what you’ve said here is absolutely spot one.

        Be yourself.. that’s exactly what I need to start doing because no-one is going to do something exactly the same as me, unless they copy of course!!

        Seriously though, that really is the way forward.

        Thanks Richard.



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