Now I know I’ve talked about this before but I never went into detail about how to actually do it!

Also, a few weeks ago a post I tried to schedule didn’t get published properly, all I was getting was an excerpt of the post and an image, most confusing!

Since then, I haven’t had the same problem but it’s made me a lot more aware of the need to take a bit of time when scheduling posts, making sure all the settings are correct and making sure the post preview is good.

So how do I Schedule a WordPress Post?

Lets do this in steps.

Step 1. Check some Settings.

This is one thing I failed to check a few weeks ago! We’ve recently moved to another country which has a 1 hour time difference from before.

For some moving abroad might bring even more of a difference! It’s also worth checking to make sure that the time settings in your WordPress Dashboard were setup right from the beginning.

So, goto your WordPress Dashboard, hover over the ‘Settings’ option and click on the ‘General’ tab.

Lets have a picture….

Schedule WordPress PostsGeneral Settings

You then need to scroll down the next page until you come to the Timezone Settings:

time zone settingsTimezone Settings

So is your timezone correct? If not, click on the down arrow next to the timezone city (in my example above, Paris) and you get a long list of options to choose from, if it’s not right, change it!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to ‘Save Changes’ (bottom left hand corner of the settings page!

When you’ve saved your changes, have a quick look at the ‘Local time’ on the right hand side, make sure that matches you’re actual time as well.


Step 2. Schedule the Post!

Now that you’ve checked your time settings, there’s nothing stopping you going ahead and scheduling your work.

Obviously make sure that you are happy with your Post and remember that scheduling is the same as ‘Publishing’ except you’re adding a delay into when your work goes live!

Either way, it needs to be ready to go Public.

So, when you’ve finished writing and ‘Previewed’ your post, take a look at the ‘Publish section on the right hand side of your screen, click ‘Edit’

Publish 1Edit ‘Publish’ Settings

Now change the Date & Time to when you want your Post to go ‘Live’.

It’s worth noting that where you have ’05-May’ (see image below), this is basically telling you that May is the 5th Month! Not as I first thought that it represented the 5th of May!

Publish 2Change Date & Time

When you’re happy with the your Scheduled Date & Time, click the ‘OK’ button just below the Month (again in my case 05-May!).

Now do two things, review the Date & Time again and then click on the ‘Schedule’ button, as shown in the next image:

Publish 3Check Schedule

That’s the scheduling done. Now you get a final message on the top of your Post which tells you that your schedule is complete, it’s could practise to use this as a final check as well!

Publish 4Post Scheduled

Step 3. Check when your Post goes live!

Going back to the original reason for this post and something went really wrong with my scheduled work!

I’m still not sure what happened but one thing is for certain, if you check your post when it’s gone live then you’ve got a better chance in picking up errors.

Even having an ‘admin’ day once a week where you check on content which has been published by schedule and reviewing the comments of others (as well as replying of course) can really help to spot those ‘mishaps’.

That’s all for this Post folks.

Over to you…

Have you got any Work Scheduling ‘Horror Stories’?

Any thoughts on why my previous work only displayed an image and post excerpt?

Got any Hints or Tips on how to be more effective in Pre-scheduling blog posts?

Feel free to comment.



    7 replies to "Schedule WordPress Posts"

    • Roy Miller

      Jon, thank you for posting this. I had no idea that this could be done. Anything to save time is valuable to me. Showing the step-by-step was also appreciated.
      Roy Miller recently posted this great article…Thrive Themes, A ReviewMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Roy, glad you found the post helpful. Scheduling posts really can take the pressure off when ‘life’ gets in the way!


    • Britanica

      I had no idea I could do this! Wow and I have been working on WordPress for over a year! This will come in handy when I have more time to write but don’t want to post my articles all at once. Thank you so much for this tip. I am going to put some great use to it 🙂
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi, pleased I could get help.

        If there’s one thing that has speeded up my work and made it more efficient, it’s the ability to pre-schedule content.

        Sometimes you can find yourself in a ‘writing mood’ and produce a ton of work which you can schedule for weeks (or even months!) into the future.


    • Will

      Good guide, it always pissed me off when I would have all my posts scheduled and I missed one little detail that messed everything up and I’d have to go back and redo everything.

      • Jon

        Hi Will, thanks for comment, glad the guide was helpful!

        Nice reminder for us all though, make sure to check your posts when they have gone live…


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