Social Media Marketing and the Best Free Meme Generator

Social Media marketing meme generator free

Are you using Memes in your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Looking for the best FREE Meme Generator to help you out? Well I wasn’t but I’ve just started a BIG Social Media drive, following successful marketers on the likes of Facebook and Twitter and working out what they’re doing right! One thing I’ve noticed, which…

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Pinterest and Internet Marketing!

Pinterest and Internet Marketing

Heard of Pinterest? Using it as part of your Internet Marketing strategy? Now if you’re not then don’t worry because I wasn’t either until my good lady told me of what she was doing with one of her websites (called Number1Toy by the way!). Firstly, what is Pinterest? Pinterest allows you to create and manage…

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Progress Report – 1

Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing Blog: IM Progress Report - Weeks 1 to 5

Hi everyone, just thought I’d post a report on my progress with Internet Marketing and more specific, what I’ve learned through John Thornhils ‘Partnership to Success’ Program over the past few weeks. It’s actually been slightly over 5 weeks now since I started this Blog and from now on I’m going to give you a…

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Managing Social Media

Managing Social Media - Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing Blog

Not many people are going to argue that Managing Social Media plays a huge part in your Internet Marketing ventures. With popular sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to name but a few, how can you effectively manage all these Social platforms in one place? Managing Social Media I was given two bits of advice…

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Is Facebook catching up with Google?

Interesting report from Marketing Land. Facebook is starting to take a bite out of Google’s lead as the Number 1 Traffic Source! Read the full report here.

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Internet Marketing – Don’t do it alone!

Jon Crimes - Internet Marketing

My biggest lesson this week For the past 2 years I’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing, mostly with Amazon. To be honest it’s gone very well and I’m now in a position when I’m getting regular and increasing revenue from my sites. Not quite ready to retire yet though! But the thing is, it’s been quite…

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How Twitter E-Commerce might work?

Something that has been talked about for some time now, how is Twitter going to monetise it’s tweets? Heard of  Rumours abound that Fancy might be partnering with twitter to offer ‘Tweet Shopping’… Read the full article at Marketing Land..

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