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So here’s Tip 4.
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4. Link Building

Links are great for generating traffic to your blog.

As with with the rest of the 5 Tips for increasing traffic to your blog series though, I advise you to try and do this as naturally as possible! Don’t think about it too much, instead treat this as a part of the article writing process.

So what types of Links are we talking about?

Internal Links

I’ve talked about Internal Links before and you can read more about them in my article ‘Link Building for Blogs‘.

What I’m going to say here though is that building internal links throughout your Blog has a great knock-on effect as far as Traffic is concerned!

Think about it, you build internal links throughout your site. Two separate things are interested in these links, your visitors and Search Engine Spiders!

Firstly, for your visitors, having these links improves their experience on your site considerably. You’re able to offer them more information than they initially arrived on your site for which in turn can keep them on your site for longer.

This not only has the benefit of creating a good relationship with your reader but it also reduces your ‘Bounce Rate‘ and the Search Engines happen to like that…link building for blogs - Jon Crimes Internet Marketing

Secondly, when the Search Engine Spiders come crawling through your site, they will be able to pass effortlessly between the different posts and pages on your site. Again, the Search Engines love this and that can’t be a bad thing?

So that’s Internal links. It doesn’t take long to add them into your work and the benefits they bring in terms of traffic generation and site experience are quite considerable.

External Links

It’s great to add External Links to every post, article or page that you write. Why?

Well again it’s all about experience for your readers. If you manage to add that little bit of extra value to everything you write then visitors to your site are more likely to return to your Blog or Website, or maybe even subscribe to your Newsletter etc.

It really is as simple as just giving your visitors the option of finding out more information from an expert source! Nobody knows everything and it says a lot about someone who is willing to give their visitor an option to leave their site in order to complete their knowledge of this topic.

We would however ensure that any External Sites open in a new window so the visitor knows where to return back to!

You can also use External Links to get noticed in other ways too!

I like to add External Links to other authority Blogs. This gives visitors to my site the opportunity to explore sites that I have found useful and informative. It also has another benefit!

A lot of people keep an eye on their Inbound Links, it’s natural to want to know who’s linking to your site.

It’s also natural to want to pay a visit to those sites that link to you.

You won’t get this in every case but It’s not unusual to receive a link back to your site after you’ve linked to theirs, these are called Reciprocal Links. Great for increasing traffic to your blog…


Hope this Tip helps. Please feel free to leave any comments below.

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