A big welcome to my Internet Marketing blog, Jon Crimes.com.

If you want to find out more about me, then please click here.

I’ve been involved with Internet Marketing, and in particular Affiliate Marketing, for about 2 years now.

I’ve made some classic mistakes along the way which still make me smile when I think about them, although they weren’t so funny at the time! Now I’ve found a formula that works with Affiliate Marketing and have some profitable websites.

This has made me hungry for more and very keen to expand into other areas, especially… digital products.

I’ve just enrolled in a course called ‘Partnership to Success’ by a well respected Internet Marketer called John Thornhill and over the next 12 months (and beyond!) I’ll be learning how to create digital products and how to develop a sustainable online business.

It’s going to be a very busy year!

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I need a good push sometimes to get something done and this is definitely going to be the case for 2014!

To take care of this ‘need’, I am going to post myself challenges as well as updating on my progress throughout the year and reporting on other Internet Marketing topics.

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Wish me luck!





    11 replies to "Welcome"

    • Bob Moore

      Hi Jon,

      It looks as if you’ve been around for a while. In some respects, I guess I have been, too.

      I was a member of John’s first P2S go-round several years back, but I stupidly got sidetracked by a number of objects that merely wasted my time.

      I’m happy to report that I’m back and on track, and I’m committed to seeing this all the way through to the end this time.

      My goal is to achieve the success that you and others in P2S have achieved. Had I stayed with the program the first time, this message would undoubtedly be much different.

      I know John is a good teacher and a trusted mentor, and I look forward to the launch of my first product.

      It’s awesome to connect with you and other like-minded people in this program, and I look forward to further communications with you in the future. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

      Talk soon,

    • Britanica

      Hello! I am glad I found your blog. I will be reading through many of your posts. I work from home as a blogger and freelancer so getting tips and tricks from people who have been where I am now is not only helpful, but will make me gain a better understanding faster.
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Britanica, thanks for the kind words and welcome.

        If I can help in any way please let me know.


    • Ann

      As I work from home, as a transcriptionist, I’m always looking for a variety of ways to bring in more money, that hopefully won’t take too much time away from family. I’ve attempted Internet and affiliate marketing years ago, but no such luck After reading this, I may give it another shot.

      • Jon

        Hi Ann, glad you found this post useful.

        Please get in touch if you need any help.



    • Dan OByrn


      Interesting site. As a newbie, I’m glad to have found someone with affiliate marketing experience and hope to learn a lot from your posts. There’s lots to learn.

      I too am taking John Thornhill’s Partnership for Success class. It’s been quite beneficial.

      Thanks for all of your help.

      • Jon

        Hi Dan, its always nice when your work is appreciated, thanks for the kind words.

        Let us know if you need any help.



    • James Woodfield

      Hi, Jon,

      You’ve done a great job here putting this site together. Already it has a lot to offer your visitors in terms of information and advice, and it’s also an inspiring example for the rest of us in the Partnership.


      • Jon

        Thanks again James.

        I must admit though I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the other excellent Partnership To Success Blogs out there. This is a great group.



    • Jon

      Thanks Nigel, I did kind of feel for this post, it was definitely lonely, cheers for coming to the rescue!

      Agree, would be great to compare courses and experiences, we could even do it in 2 parts and then share with our blog readers.

      Would be great to help others and stop them making our respective mistakes!



    • Nigel Griffiths

      Hiya Jon,
      Thought this post looked a tad lonely so thought I would give it a friend!
      Reckon I’m about where you are….I am a couple of yrs in but the last 12 months I have been working on this full time….I now look back & realise I could have done so much more with that time so this course is a God send as it has really focussed me!!
      Don’t get me wrong, I did a lot & have learnt a huge amount so it is case of directing that learning into something that will pay off.
      When we get time we’ll have to exchange ‘Courses’ we have done & crap we have bought….I bet there is no overlap! There is just SO much stuff out there.
      Cheers Jon!

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