Just a quick post to share something which I think is extremely useful.

I actually discovered this whilst researching for another site! What I wanted to do was find a way in which I could ‘guarantee’ that all my posts and pages would link together even if I missed one or two whilst doing some manual internal link building!

If you haven’t read it already then you might want to check out my previous post ‘Link Building for Blogs‘.

What if there was something that would monitor where visitors go on your site and which post or article they looked at next?

Maybe that ‘something’ would then leave a link on that post telling future visitors that “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed:” this article…

Perhaps something like this:

Where do they go from here? Jon Crimes

There is! and it’s called “Where do they go from here?

What’s more, it’s FREE…

The link is based on what your visitor viewed last on your blog. It uses the main image from that post and the post title.

What’s more, it doesn’t look too bad either?

How do i get this?

As I said above, it’s free as a Plugin for WordPress. Usual thing, go to your WordPress Dashboard, Select ‘Plugins’ and ‘Add New’ and then do a search for “Where do they go from here?”.

And then install it.

What’s the benefit of this?

When you start adding a lot of content to your site, it can be difficult to ensure that you’ve done all the necessary link building.

After installing this Plugin and letting it work for a few days, you should notice that most of your content is starting to get linked together. As visitors browse your site, they are unknowingly carrying out a bit of SEO on your behalf!

Can’t be a bad thing?

What I would advise is for you to take a bit of time going through the settings for this Plugin.

I decided to keep it very simple and it seems to work for me! In case you want to follow my settings, I’ve included some screenshots below.

Click on the images to enlarge them if required:

Where do they go from here? Where do they go from here? Jon Crimes Where do they go from here? Jon Crimes








If you follow these simple settings you’ll end up with a maximum of 5 fairly discrete internal links per post or article.


That’s it for this post.

Like I said, just wanted to share this little treasure with you. It’s not often you find something useful which is also free!

Let us know how you get on with it.


Jon Crimes




    14 replies to "Where do they go from here?"

    • Hi Jon,

      That’s a very interesting plugin you’ve found there!

      I’ve got a couple of “related posts”/”similar posts” plugins installed on various sites, but now I know about this I’m keen to try it out too.

      Thanks for the headsup (not sure if that’s how you spell that lol).

      Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson recently posted this great article…Store Your “Stuff” OnlineMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Paul,

        glad you found the post useful. It really is a great plugin and I love how it creates internal links throughout your site, automatically, when ever someone navigates through your posts.

        ‘Headsup’ looks good to me but there’s probably regional variations!!!

        Thanks for your comment.



    • Dave Thomas

      Hi Jon

      I’ve downloaded the plug in and set it up so let’s see what happens in the next few days.

      Thanks for the tip


      • Jon

        Hi Dave, you might have read Richard’s comment on this Plugin?

        It does take a little bit of time to activate fully but once visitors trawl through your site you should see the links appearing.

        I would suggest ‘jumping’ between your own posts yourself and you should see the links very soon.

        Any problems please get in touch.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon, did you miss my last comment? I’m still not seeing anything on my blog.



      • Jon

        Hi Richard, there’s another lesson for me! I’ve got my WordPress Comments set to automatically approve after someone has had their 1st comment approved by me!

        So I didn’t see your comment in the ‘Comments awaiting moderation tab’, sorry.

        I will amend this main post because I can remember now that on some posts it did take a little while to activate.

        Have you tried looking through some of your own posts and then going back to the first ones you looked at? That worked for me.

        I’m just off to your site as well to give it a try.



        • Richard G M Taylor

          Hi Jon,

          Well, I don’t know if it was something you triggered, but it’s working fine now:-) Probably just takes a little time to populate as I suggested in my first comment.

          You are right, in that this a great way of effectively automating links between posts.



    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon, I installed and set up the plugin exactly as you suggested from your screen shots, but nothing appears on my blog….do I need to give it time to populate? How do I know it’s working ok?


    • Richard G M Taylor

      Finally got around to reading this excellent post Jon, I will definitely take a look at this plugin.

      I must take time to read more of your posts, you cover some really interesting stuff here.


      • Jon

        Thanks Richard.

        I’m trying not to rely on Plugins too much but it’s irresistible when you find something like ‘Where do they go from here?’.

        How good is something that lets your readers know where others have gone to on your blog and at the same time lets them build links for you?

        Really appreciate your comment.



    • Gill Potter

      Hi Jon

      Really cool post. I’ve actually bookmarked this page so that I can follow your screenshots when trying out this plugin.

      I must admit I know next to nothing about SEO so if there’s a tool that can help with this, without too much ‘techie stuff’ lol, I’m in!

      You provide some really great info on your blog, keep up the good work, it’s certainly appreciated.


    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Jon,

      It sounds like a really useful tool, in particular the part about linking to other previous blog post, it will sure help to sustain readership and encourage the visitor to stay on your blog for longer and hopefully appreciate the content you have on offer, with the ideal outcome of they’ll then decide to subscribe to your list. Also the SEO part will become useful and help one discover what their visitors like to read and what niche of blog post topics will increase content sharing and things to recommend.

      Kind regards

    • Andrew

      Great stuff Jon I’ll look at maybe putting that on. I do have something sort of similar on mine called linkwithin, that displays a “you might also like:” at the end of the post, and then shows 3 images of related posts. I think it uses the categories to show other posts common to that category.

      I suppose the advantage to this plugin is the actual SEO by proxy part of it, and it also gives your blog a bit more popular feeling to it when people see that other people have read this or that, striking up a natural curiosity to go and investigate.

      Cool I’ll defo look at using that.



      • Jon

        Thanks Andrew, ‘Linkwithin’ sounds very similar.

        Hopefully that’s two suggestions that will help others build links quickly and with the help of their visitors!



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