As part of my Admin just before my Internet Marketing Sports Afternoon, I was checking over a post which had scheduled itself to publish earlier that morning!

What I noticed was something a bit strange…

The WordPress Link Title Field was Gone!

WordPress used to have a ‘Link Title’ field when you created a text link, this has now been replaced with a simple ‘Link Text’.

This is for WordPress release 4.2 (and quite possibly future versions as well!).

So what does this mean?

Well, for many people, letting your readers know what they should expect when they hover over one of your text links is quite (if not vitally?) important and this is where the WordPress Link Title Field comes in!

With this post for example, in the first sentance I want my readers to be able to click on the word ‘scheduled’ if they want to know a bit more about scheduling WordPress posts! To faciliate this, when they hover over the underlined ‘scheduled’ word, they should get some text telling them what clicking on this word should do for them or where it will take them!

Affliate Marketers and Link Titles

For Affiliate Marketers, this feature really is vital!Saturn 5 and Link Titles

My own experience with Amazon Associates has made me very wary of not straying ‘too far’ away from their rules and one of their main ones is ensuring that you don’t ‘trick’ your visitors into clicking a link that then makes you a sale.

That’s where the WordPress Link Title Field came in especially handy, you could tell your visitor to “Click HERE to see the Latest Discounts available on this full size Saturn 5 rocket at now…” when they hovered over some text (or even an image) on your page!

Not only were you adhering to these important rules but you were also producing a more ‘reader decision orientated’ experience. They were making the choice to click your link to buy this 363 feet (111 m) Saturn 5 rocket, it sort of helps sales when you’re honest with your visitors!

But…there is a solution…

WordPress Restore Link Title Field Plugin

It would have been easier not ‘fixing’ something when it wasn’t broken but at least we have a WordPress Plugin that enables the WordPress Link Title Field again:

Restore Link Title FieldThis Plugin is called ‘Restore Link Title Field’.

Click HERE to go straight to the WordPress Download Page.

Once you’ve downloaded this Plugin, simply upload it to your WordPress site like you would with any other Plugin, activate it and then when you come to add a link to your  text, you are greeted with a ‘Title’ box (as well as the ‘Link Text’ box).Enter Link Title Text

Remember, the ‘Title’ is what is displayed when your visitor hovers over the Link.

Is that it?

Yes. Once you upload this Plugin to your site, the ‘Title’ box will be there whenever you want to link to any of your text!

Over to you…

Did this Plugin help?

How do you use the ‘Title’ box to communicate with your visitors?

Have you bought a 2,950 metric ton Space Rocket recently?


Feel free to comment below…




    5 replies to "WordPress Link Title Field Gone!"

    • Bob Caine

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the information about the plug in. I am definitely going to install it.

      Great find,
      Bob Caine recently posted this great article…Week 4 – Social MediaMy Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Bob, glad you found the post useful. Great Social Media post on your blog by the way, recommended to all.


    • Britanica

      I was wondering what happened with this myself and had no idea I can put the feature back. When I updated my blog it just vanished and I couldn’t find the answer anywhere online. I will have to get this back up asap. Thanks so much shore sharing how to do it!
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Jon, thanks for pointing this out. I hadn’t even noticed the change and will follow your instructions to restore the link. Btw, my Space Rocket is only 2,900 metric tonnes…don’t you just hate these constant upgrades:-)

      Nice to see you are posting more regularly again…I really must start to do the same…


      Richard G M Taylor recently posted this great article…Alarming New EU Legislation Concerning VAT Effective 1st January 2015My Profile

      • Jon

        Hi Richard, its frustrating when these companies try to fix something that isn’t broken, this one had me scratching my head for quite a while!

        Agreed, those upgrades can be tricky, at least yours wasn’t out of stock!



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