WordPress Link Title Field Gone!

As part of my Admin just before my Internet Marketing Sports Afternoon, I was checking over a post which had scheduled itself to publish earlier that morning! What I noticed was something a bit strange… The WordPress Link Title Field was Gone! WordPress used to have a ‘Link Title’ field when you created a text…

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Internet Marketing Sports Afternoon

Question – Who else has to really try hard to be organised? and if not, would you mind letting me know your secret? I just thought I’d pass on my thoughts today about how I manage to organise myself. Maybe this will help others, maybe others can help me, either way this is my Admin…

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CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

CommentLuv Wordpress Plugin - Jon Crimes Internet Marketing

As you visit more and more blogs, you start to pick up on the little things, and those little things all start to add up and make for a more engaging and informative experience for your readers! What is Jon talking about? CommentLuv WordPress Plugin I’m talking about something I first noticed about 2 weeks…

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