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Firstly, a little disclaimer from me about my experience with how to find affiliate partners and how to use a WP Affiliate Plugin!

I’m currently preparing to launch my own product and working through Week 37 of John Thornhill’s excellent Partnership To Success Internet Marketing Mentor course.

You can read more about the course in this post HERE.

In Week 37 of this course, Students are encourged to read and use a product (free to Partnership To Success members!) from Omar Martin. Heard of him? If you haven’t yet and you stick around in the Internet Marketing world then I’m sure you will! You can check out Omar’s IM Blog HERE by the way.

This WP Affiliate Plugin product is called the ‘Affiliate Builder’ and the 116 pages in the Ebook took me a whopping 3 days to fully read through and digest, that was with making notes as I read by the way, but page after page I kept thinking to myself “Wow, I wouldn’t have even though of that in a million years!”.

From my notes! A little snapshot of what Omar talks about:

  1. How to find business partners (JV’s -Joint Venture Partners or Affiliates if you like?) to not only help launch your product but also to build great online relationships with?
  2. JV Groups
  3. JV Skype Groups
  4. All the fun and serious things you can do with Facebook to help find great business partners and make your online business a success!
  5. Training Affiliates! This one was a big eye-opener for me, something I didn’t really think about to be honest! Not all Affiliates will be confident when it comes to using the tools that you give them to promote your product. You’ve got to do some training for them here!
  6. Email Swipes
  7. Banner Images
  8. Press Releases
  9. PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Copy
  10. Pre-written Tweets

And thats just a small snapshot of what the Affiliate Builder is all about!

After working through the Ebook, I also checked out the videos on the members area, which are excellent by the way, but the thing which really caught my attention was the WP Afilliate Plugin called the Affiliate Builder!

Now, I’ve only just started to use this but within a few minutes I had the beginning of a very good looking Affiliate page, something which I just know new JV business partners are going to love!

Want to check the Affiliate Builder for yourself? Click on the image below:
wp affiliate plugin
So what now?

Well, what I’m going to do is complete my JV Affiliate pages and then add an update to this post!

I think it would be really great to show you a live example of how this WP Affiliate Plugin product has helped me and even give you some great ideas about what it can do for your site.

Post update after using the WP Affiliate Plugin for 2 days!

Sorry, I did say that I was going to post an update after my JV Affiliate page was complete and it nearly is but not quite yet!

I’m still tweaking and discovering all the things that this WP Affiliate Plugin can do for you but I really needed to post a quick ‘interim’ update of what this software has done so far.

After drafting my JV Affiliate email campaign and sorting my banner images out, I decided to give the plugin a full whirl and see just how customizable it is.

And a top tip here, follow the quick video training in the Affiliate Builder members area.

Initially, I didn’t and made a couple of small mistakes but the training put me back on track straight away, it’ll be easier for you if you start with the videos right from the beginning, makes the setup so easy.

After getting my settings right, entering all my emails, social media stuff and banners, I just clicked ‘Generate WordPress Code’, pasted this into my JV Page and was greated with a great looking new section for my JV’s.

Affiliate builder 1 wp affiliate plugin review wp affiliate builder plugin

I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with the way this looks and works!

Providing you get the settings right (again, do the video training!) then whenever someone puts in their JV Zoo affiliate link into the ‘Your FULL JVZoo Affiliate URL Here’ box at the top of the page and clicks ‘Personalize Affiliate Tools’, all of your email swipes, social media stuff, signatures, banner images and more are automatically edited to include their affiliate ID as a link.

Nice and easy for the JV, just what they like?

Now I promise, I am going to finish off my JV page and post a product summary very soon.

Post update after using the WP Affiliate Plugin for 2 weeks!

What better way than to show you the finished product with a video? Check it out:


I really hope that gives you a good idea about what this WP Affiliate Plugin can do for you?

I have to admit, I’m well happy with how it makes things super easy for JV Partners!

Would love to hear from you if you’ve used this product before and what you think about it or if you’ve used anything similar!

Want to check it out a bit more?

Click HERE to see the Affiliate Builder Details Page.



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    • Bob Truesdale

      Very nice and in-depth post Jon. I think you’ve “over-delivered” with all useful information about the plugin.

      Great Post!
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      • Jon

        Hi Bob, really appreciate your comment and that you found the post useful.

        All the best.

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