So this week I’ve been selling some of my old websites on Flippa and whilst some of them did what they were supposed to (made the reserve etc.) others just died and no-one was interested!

So I compared the donkeys with the winners…

What I found was that my Sales Copy wasn’t of a consistent good standard and that in the main, the sites I had spent a bit more time on with the auction description etc. got more attention and made the sale!

No brainer you might say but what I wasn’t doing for these sites was Writing a Good Sales Headline? And they were suffering…

So, how about a post about Writing a Good Sales Headline?

Writing a Good Sales Headline – The Attention Grabber!

Using my Flippa auctions as an example again, one of the ‘donkeys’ had an auction headline which said:

Toy Kitchen Review Site. Made Revenue, Great Potential for More, No Reserve.

Now at the time, I thought this headline was sufficient to get attention, make the buyer click on the link to see more details about the site and then hopefully go on to make a bid however, I missed one important part of writing a good sales headline, ‘understand what your buyer wants!’

With Flippa, buyers are really only interested in:

  • Does the site have any age? (How long has it been around!)flippa
  • Has it made money?
  • Is the website unique?

After searching around the various Internet Marketing forums (loads of threads about ‘Flipping’ websites!) it became very apparent that what Flippa buyers are not interested in is hearing about the sites: ‘Great Potential’. Which is fair enough really, anything can have ‘Great Potential’!

So, I made a cuppa, did some research and started to look at some good examples of writing a good sales headline!

On Flippa this is easy, you simply look at previous auctions which have done well and learn from some of that succesful Sales Copy. You can of course do the same with many other forms of sales. Ebay, Clickbank, JVZoo etc.

So, bearing in mind what the Flippa buyers want, and with a bit of research, I came up with the following:

Established 2013.Proven Revenue, Unique Toy Kitchen Review Site. Low Reserve.

┬áThis seemed to do the trick! The site started to get attention and a lot of it…

Just by answering the common questions that users of this site ask, a lot less people were ignoring my advert and moving onto the next one.

Writing a Good Sales Headline – What’s it for?

Well for starters, your sales headline is not for selling! Sounds odd right?

But the selling comes later…

What you do want your headline to do is:

  • Grab their attention!stop
  • Generate curiosity in the reader
  • Filter out timewasters! You only want to take your targeted audience out for a meal, right?
  • What are the benefits? Your target audience is going to be skimming a bunch of headlines, short but sweet, what can you do for them?

Think of a Headline as a STOP sign not a BUY sign!

More Writing a Good Sales Headline Tips

Lets look at some more Writing a Good Sales Headline Tips & Tricks!

Moving away from my Flippa experience, here’s some other styles that you can consider when writing a good sales headline:

Special Offers & Deadlines

If you don’t get your potential customer to ‘Act Now’ then more often than not they won’t make you that sale!

So create that urgency, make that offer irresistable and give them little excuse to put off that all important ‘click’.

For example:

Lowest Price On all Outdoor Hot Tubs. Free shipping, in stock TODAY. Buy now!

or this example for my latest favourite gadget!

Latest 4k TV’s Available HERE at the Cheapest Prices. Buy Now & Save!

Both of these examples create that sense of urgent ‘must check this out because I might miss out!’ feeling in the reader.

Other Buzz Phrases you could use with Special Offers & Deadlines:

  • Act Now, Don’t Delay
  • Order Today
  • Don’t put this one off!
  • Fantastic Savings…
  • Never again at this price!
  • Free Gift, Today only
  • Less than Half Price, right NOW!
  • Supply Limited, be the First HERE…

This list could be endless but again, if you’re stuck for ideas and want some inspiration, then check out what has been working for others!

A good example of this is using our friendly Google service…

If say you’re trying to write an advert for a ‘Treadmill’ deal, then type that word into Good Sales Copy - AdvertsGoogle search and have a look at the right-hand side of the search results. This is where Googles paid advertising lives!

Now, for a popular term like ‘Treadmills’ an advert on Page 1 of this search term is most probably going to be doing well and making the owner of that advert money?

These adverts are a good place to take that little bit of inspiration from for your advert writing.

Ask a Question?

We all have questions right?

By asking a question (that someone is already searching an answer for) this reinforces in their mind that you’ve already thought about this and that you have a good solution for them!

Let’s have some examples:

A common question might be “how to lose weight fast?”, so how about:

Looking to Lose Weight Fast? Burn Off Extra Pounds With These Super Effective Exercise Routines!

or you might find that some people want to quit their day job and ask “how to make money online?”:

Want to make Money Fast? Become a successful Online Trader & Get your All-Access Pass for $1

With these examples, we’ve reinforced the fact that the question is valid, that they’re not alone in asking it and that we have a great solution for them.

Give them a Command!

I’m not talking about being an Army Sergeant Major here but I am saying tell them what they need to do!

Here’s some examples:

Watch this Video NOW & Make Money TODAY. Guaranteed Earnings in less than 60 seconds!

This is of course just another way of highlighting the urgency of the deal and answering a question that they’ve been asking themselves (How can I make money quickly?) but it’s more direct and for some buyers, this is exactly what they need!

They need to be told what to do.Full Metal Jacket

Another good example of what I might start calling ‘Drill Square Marketing!’ is:

Send Roses, Tulips and other Flowers right NOW. Best Value, Unbeatable Prices…

I can just imagine Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) shouting out that one!

Again, all the benefits, with no excuse for hesitation on the part of the buyer.

Announce ‘that’ Exciting News!

Everyone loves to be the first to hear the latest gossip and that ground breaking news!

And this can work especially well when you’re writing a good sales headline.

For example:

Introducing the Newest Idea in Fitness Cross-Training Technology, be the first to see this Today…


At last, Scientists have discovered a simple trick which can help you lose weight, FAST. Check this out and be one of the first to benefit…

These sort of headlines can hang around on the internet for years but there’s always going to be someone who comes across them and thinks they are the first to see this great news!

The Testimonial Headline

People also love to know what others think of a product or service and you can use this ‘third party’ endorsement in the form of a Testimonial Headline.

Headlines such as:

This is the first Self Help DVD which has actually helped me relax, I can’t recommend it highly enough…


I’ve been struggling to get to grips with Rocket Science for a number of weeks now! This book has really let me Take Off

Well ok, the second one is a bit jokey but you get the idea?

The ‘How’ Headline

This works especially well when used directly with the Benefit, no filler is required here, you don’t want to talk about a process or the hard work that the reader will need to put in to get this to work!

Some good How… Headlines:

How to Improve your Love Life in 3 Easy Steps.


How you can Lose that Belly in 30 Days, or your money back.


How to do Anything YOU Want with this 1 Quick Guide to Smarter Thinking.

Ok, so sometimes you might have to hint at what they are going to do (Easy Steps!) but you are not going into any process detail and you’re highlighting the Benefit directly after the ‘How…’ opener.


There are of course other ways to be effective when writing a good sales headline but I hope this post has given you a few good ideas?

I’ve found the best way to get a grip on writing sales copy is to have a look at examples which are obviously working for other people.

Here’s some Great Resources if you want to dive into this a bit deeper:

Copy Blogger

It’s worth spending a bit of time having a look around Copy Blogger, there’s some great material on there.

Mc Method

I love to see what has worked for other Internet Marketers and Mc Method has some great ideas for effective Sales Copy. Definately worth a look.


I found this Blog whilst researching some of the finer points of this post! Worth a look and really interesting if you’re trying to keep up with SEO and Inbound Marketing (who isn’t?).

So over to you…

Have any of these Sales Headline methods worked for you?

Anything I’ve missed out? (go on, there’s bound to be!)

What’s the best Sales Headline you have ever used (or seen)?

Comments, as always, most welcome.



    6 replies to "Writing a Good Sales Headline"

    • Champ

      Thanks on your marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will evelutanly come back in the future. I want to encourage one to continue your great job, have a nice weekend!

    • Britanica

      I don’t sell anything on my blog just yet but these tips have helped me to really look over my blog and improve some wording. I know certain key words work better for search engines. I am going to bookmark this and come back to it when I get around to selling items on my blog.
      Britanica recently posted this great article…Is Guest Blogging DeadMy Profile

    • Janiera Eldridge

      Good headlines are always a way to get people in to your website. I must say though that people should be careful about click bait websites. I’ve noticed a lot of websites with headlines that are attention grabbing, but the articles inside of them are completely different.

      • Jon

        Hi Janiera, Totally agree. Your analogy there could also relate to another passion of mine, email marketing! The ‘attention grabbing’ headline is essential to get your email opened in the first place but if the content is too far removed from that headline then you’re wasting your time!

        Top advice to keep it all relevant.


    • Will

      Great article. A great resource for looking at headlines that work really well was when upworthy and viral nova was taking over facebook’s timelines. They had headlines that made you click over to their site and check it out.

      • Jon

        Hi Will, thanks for your comment. Didn’t realise that about unworthy and viral nova, must check out those two resources.


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